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Eastern Counties Dachshund Association Open Show 5th June 2022 – Schedule February 12, 2022

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On-line entries can be made up until midnight on Monday, 16th May 2022 at www.fossedata.co.uk

The AGM will take place after the show.

ECDA November 2021 Open Show Winner Photos November 7, 2021

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BIS: Wood’s Ch Wildstar Wrivera; RBIS: Cross’s Loggeta Trouble In Texas
BVIS: Eldred’s Bramalodge Amiety at Derdledash
BPIS: Dance’s Emem Letty Bee Sunshine; RBPIS: Protheroe’s Ginco Mikey Boots by Royalmaple

ECDA Open Show Winners – November 2019 November 4, 2019

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Main results from the ECDA November 3rd Open Show.
BIS: T Johnson & L Cross Standard Long Africandawns Myles Long

RBIS: Manish Chauhan’s Standard Smooth Adnerbs Take a Chance on Me at Raajput

BPIS: Valerie Phillips’s Standard WireTendrow Turns the Right Page
RBPIS: Cindy Dare’s Standard Long Swansford Gasperdor Darsoms NAF

Best AV Veteran: Lynn Black’s CH Bassodon Westwood

ECDA Veteran 1119
Best JH: Maria Vaitekunaite with a Standard Smooth

Thank you, everyone, for entering and congratulations to all the winners. Remember, at the end of the day, you all take the best dog home.

Eastern Counties Dachshund Open Show Schedule and online entry – November 2019 July 17, 2019

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ECDA Open Schedule 1119


Miniatures: Paul Hayes

Standards: Ian Smith

BIS: Laura Sexton

Download the Schedule ECDA_NOV_19_Schedule

Download the Entry Form ECDA_NOV_19_Form

Online entries can be made up until midnight on Monday, 7th October 2019
at www.fossedata.co.uk

ECDA Open Show Schedule (2nd June 2019) is now available March 10, 2019

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ECDA Schedule 0619


Miniatures: Joy Middleton

Standards: Clare Butler

BIS: Giselle Taylor

ECDA_JUN_19_Schedule – download Schedule

ECDA_JUN_19_Form – download Entry Form

ECDA Championship Show 2018 BIS and BPIS videos November 10, 2018

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ECDA Open Show Results 3rd June 2018 June 4, 2018

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BIS Judge : Lynda Billinghurst (Jiljac)

Best in Show – Gibson’s Allfreys Here’s Looking at You

Reserve Best in Show – Johnson’s Africandawn’s Just Divine

Best Veteran in Show – Broad’s Neertaunaf Sea Magic JW ScCM

Thank you to our sponsors: James Wellbeloved.

James Wellbeloved

ECDA 0618 (13).jpg

Best Puppy in Show – Dare’s Darsoms Zocratees

Reserve Best Puppy in Show – Tomsett’s Dajean Starstruck

ECDA 0618 (16).jpg

Junior Handling – Jaymie-Lee Hedgecock age 10

Full results here.

Miniature Wire Haired – Anita Pearson

Best of Breed – Tomsett’s Dajean’s Starstruck

Reserve Best of Breed – Tomsett’s Dajean’s Happy Sunbeam

Best Puppy –  Tomsett’s Dajean’s Happy Sunbeam

Miniature Smooth Haired – Anita Pearson

Best of Breed – Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Calculate

Reserve Best of Breed – Watkinson’s Loggeta Boom and Bust

Best Puppy –  Muggleton’s Mosiarto Wonderwoman

Miniature Long Haired – Anita Pearson

Best of Breed – Johnson’s Africandawn’s Just Divine

Reserve Best of Breed – McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Be Lucky

Best Puppy –  Dare’s Larkhund Sofia

Wirehaired – Deryck Player

Best of Breed – Gibson’s Allfrey’s Heres Lookin at You

Reserve Best of Breed – Gibson’s Allfrey’s Helena

Best Puppy –  Gibson’s Allfrey’s Helena

Smooth Haired – Deryck Player

Best of Breed – Percival’s Matzell Maelle

Reserve Best of Breed – Halls Bensarka Little White Dove

Best Puppy –  Taylor’s Dovestream Showing Off at Whitewebbs

Long Haired – Deryck Player

Best of Breed – Johnson’s Africandawns Rumour Rumble

Reserve Best of Breed – Dare’s Darsoms Zocratees

Best Puppy –  Dare’s Darsoms Zocratees


Eastern Counties DA Open Show 3rd June 2018 – Schedule online now January 25, 2018

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You can also enter online at Fosse Data.

ECDA_JUN_18_Entry Form




ECDA_JUN_18_Entry Form


Ian Elsley’s November 2017 Open Show Critique November 30, 2017

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ECDA Open Show 5/11/17 – Sue Seath’s Best in Show Critique November 6, 2017

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A good line-up of quality dogs assembled for Best In Show, however the puppies were a little disappointing.

Best In Show – Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Calculate  

ECDA 1117 (16)

Eye-catching red Min Smooth bitch, who shows with animation and style.  Holds a lovely outline in both stance and profile movement.  Houndy head with correctly shaped, dark eye and keen expression.  Good reach of neck,  well placed shoulders, which are well laid back, with good length of upper arm to complement.  As a consequence, she displays the desired prominent breastbone and good forechest.  Pleasing body shape with good spring of rib, firm topline and good sweep of underline.  Ribbing extends well back.  Very well angulated hindquarters with super bend of stifle in stance.  Moved out freely with verve, and was true in up and back movement.  In gleaming condition.  Handler gets the very best from her.  I would just prefer slightly less wrinkle on forelegs for perfection.

Reserve Best In Show  (and also Best Veteran In Show) – Marks’ Ch. Brynalyn Royal Warrior via Labbadax

ECDA 1117 (14)Magnificent shaded red standard long dog of correct size, displaying perfect length to height ratio (not too large and long).  Noble head with arch to muzzle and dark almond shaped eye.  Strong powerful jaw.  Lengthy neck flows seamlessly into perfectly angulated, well placed shoulders.  Good length of upper arm and correct forechest.  Pleasing body shape, with good length of rib and short loin.  Hindquarters are well angulated and he has good bone and substance throughout.  Moved with parallel action up and back and effortless, free side gait. Presented in full, well conditioned coat.  He slightly dropped his topline in the competition for BIS in comparison with his performance in the Veteran class and this meant he had to settle for RBIS.  A quality dog to be justly proud of.

Best Puppy In Show – Gibson’s Allfrey’s London Look

Red Wire dog of correct size.  Presented the best overall outline in stance and on the move in this rather disappointing line up of puppies.  He still has a good deal of maturing to do, as can often be the case with young wire males, being quite shallow in body at the moment.  Head is correctly proportioned and has a keen, alert expression and good shaped, dark eye.  Reachy neck flows well into a firm topline which he held in profile movement.  Shoulders are reasonably well laid back, but I would prefer a little more length of upper arm, and this was reflected in his front movement coming towards me.  He does, however, have a good forechest.  Hindquarters and well angulated with a pleasing bend of stifle in stance.  Coat texture is good.  I would just like a little more bone and substance throughout and better feet.  Moved out freely with style round the ring and looked happy to be there.  Will watch his development with interest.

ECDA 1117 (7)

Reserve Best Puppy In Show – Chappell’s Gleneddee Miz Devil Chic

Elegant light red Min Long bitch.  Well constructed throughout with attractive head, good reach of neck, good shoulders, body shape and topline and well angulated hindquarters.  Just a little short of coat at present, but as a consequence it was easy to see her overall construction and movement which was very good.  Moved out freely and held her shape in profile.  Displayed good parallel up and back movement.  Presented a pleasing outline in stance with a firm topline.

Any Variety Veteran Open

1st – Marks’ Ch. Brynalyn Royal Warrior Via Labbadax

2nd – Moore & Coverley’s Ch & Ir. Ch. Ex Sentia I’m Bond James Bond

Outstanding Wire dog I have long admired from the ringside and was delighted to have the opportunity to judge today.  Perfect in size and totally correct for 2:1 length to height ratio and ground clearance.  Displays excellent harsh textured coat to top it all off.  Attractive head with keen, mischievous expression and dark eye.  Good reach of neck and well placed shoulders.  Stands absolutely true in front and behind and holds a firm, level topline in stance and on the move.  Strode out freely with animation and still looks very youthful.  Correct parallel action up and back.  I just slightly prefered the forequarters of the Long which placed him ahead of this lovely dog.

Sue Seath (Judge)

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