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Anita Pearson’s ECDA June 3rd Open Show critiques June 16, 2018

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PDF copies of Anita’s critiques…

ECDA 0618 AVStd

ECDA 0618 ML

ECDA 0618 MS

ECDA 0618 MW


Videos from ECDA Open Show Nov. 2016 – join our Facebook Group November 6, 2016

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There are lots of video clips from our Open Show today available at our Facebook Page.














ECDA Open Show results: November 6th 2016 November 6, 2016

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BIS: Sue Burke’s Bonavoir James Hobbs, Standard Long

RBIS: Mr R & Mrs S L Williams Wilmerella Wells Fargo JW, Mini Smooth

BPIS: Mrs E Maes-Jones & Miss V Bates Derochaise Elusia, Standard Wire

RBPIS: Miss M Norton’s Matzell Myrtle, Standard Smooth

Best Veteran: Ms J Hopper’s Montravia Nightingale, Mini Wire

Junior Handling age 6-11 years: Kieron Alton

Junior Handing 12-16: Bryony Fossett

Best Junior Handler: Bryony Fossett

Our Patron, Wendy Spencer, asked us to pass on her thanks to everyone who helped make the show a success today and sends her best wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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ECDA Open Show June 2016 – winners and photos June 5, 2016

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BIS: Mrs & Mr Clarke’s Tekalhaus Million to One (Long)
RBIS: J Startup’s Barisse Touch of Magic – (Mini Smooth)
BPIS: Viv Phillips’ Tendrow Dancing on a Dream at Clipperdown – (Wire)
RBIS: Mr & Mrs Negus’ Tarramist Gucci (Long)
Best Veteran : J Pitfield’s Anynromadax Dave of Follyfield (Mini Long)
Best JH: Abigail Levene handling Wire – Derochaise Mutineer (12-16)
JH 6-11 year old Kieron Alton

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ECDA Championship Show 2015 Winners and photos November 1, 2015

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Mini Smooths :
CC dog, Distinctly so D’Arisca owned by Mrs L Coxon
RCC dog, Carpaccio Casablanca owned by Mrs S & Mr J Hunt
Best Puppy Dog, Wolferlow Will Scarlet, owned by Ms C Scott

CC bitch: CH Lokmadi Sea Holly at Stargang, owned by Miss H Blackburn-Bennett
RCC bitch: Wilmerella Secret Liasion with Marvale, owned by Mr MJ Paget & Mr GJ Carroll
Best Puppy Bitch: same as RCC bitch

Best of Breed: CH Lokmadi Sea Holly at Stargang, owned by Miss H Blackburn-Bennett
RBOB: Distinctly so D’Arisca owned by Mrs L Coxon
BOS: Distinctly so D’Arisca owned by Mrs L Coxon
BP: Wilmerella Secret Liasion with Marvale, owned by Mr MJ Paget & Mr GJ Carroll

Std Longs
CC dog: Abydachs Seize the Night, owned by Mrs JF Geeson
RCC dog: Ranglewood Arashi owned by Miss EA Garlick
Best Puppy Dog: Darsoms Zantor, owned by Mrs S Rodrigues

CC bitch: Ch Abydachs Summer Wine, owned by Mrs JF Geeson
RCC bitch: Metadale Manane, owned by Mrs S Metcalfe – Bilgin
Best Puppy Bitch: Ranglewood Laurel, owned by Miss EA Garlick

Best of Breed: Ch Abydachs Summer Wine, owned by Mrs JF Geeson
RBOB: Abydachs Seize the Night, owned by Mrs JF Geeson
BOS: Abydachs Seize the Night, owned by Mrs JF Geeson
BP: Darsoms Zantor, owned by Mrs S Rodrigues

Std Wires
CC Dog: Tendrow Replayed in Blue, owned by Mrs V Phillips
RCC Dog: Ch Ex Sentia I’m Bond James Bond, owned by Mrs A Moore & Mr R & Mrs L Coverley
Best Puppy Dog: Veenen Onyx Resetin Gold at Garjay, owned by Mr G & Mrs J Bellamy

CC Bitch: Hototo Swellegant Gal at Tendrow, owned by Mrs V Phillips
RCC Bitch: Tendrow Time ‘N’ Time Again, owned by Mrs V Phillips
Best Puppy Bitch: Tendrow Time ‘N’ Time Again, owned by Mrs V Phillips

BOB: Tendrow Replayed in Blue, owned by Mrs V Phillips
RBOB: Hototo Swellegant Gal at Tendrow, owned by Mrs V Phillips
BOS: Hototo Swellegant Gal at Tendrow, owned by Mrs V Phillips
BP: Tendrow Time ‘N’ Time Again, owned by Mrs V Phillips

Std Smooth:
BOB: Carpaccio Jasper from Hamoura ShCM, owned by Mrs W Starkey
RBOB: CH Matzell Maid in Time, owned by Miss M Norton
BOS: CH Matzell Maid in Time, owned by Miss M Norton
BP: Carpaccio Trouble in Store, owned by Mrs S & Mr J Hunt

Min Longs
BOB: Abydachs Americana, owned by Miss EH Geeson
RBOB: Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM, owned by Mrs SA Broad
BOS: Nagshall Just Fizzical, owned by Mrs C McCarthy
BP: Nagshall Just Fizzical, owned by Mrs C McCarthy

Mini Wires
BOB: Russteck I Dreamed a Dream JW, owned by Mrs C Russell
RBOB: Barratini Ted Astaire at Granhoward, owned by Mrs P Grant
BOS:Barratini Ted Astaire at Granhoward, owned by Mrs P Grant
Best Puppy: Bingobongo’s Short & Sweet, owned by Mr RG Smith & Mr MA Flowers

Best in Show: CH Lokmadi Sea Holly at Stargang, owned by Miss H Blackburn-Bennett
RBIS: Carpaccio Jasper from Hamoura ShCM, owned by Mrs W Starkey
BPIS: Bingobongo’s Short & Sweet, owned by Mr RG Smith & Mr MA Flowers
RBPIS: Darsoms Zantor, owned by Mrs S Rodrigues

Best Veteran /Joan Littmoden Special Memorial Veteran Stakes was CH Barratini Jeeves at Lokmadi JW owned by Mrs Y Kent

Mags Oxley’s Critique from ECDA Open Show 31/5/15 June 14, 2015

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May I extend my thanks for the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge and for organising such a well run Show. Also to the exhibitors for allowing me to judge some excellent quality dogs.

PUPPY. (5)

  1. A lovely class of puppies. 1st. Dare & Guy’s Darsom’s Zimbro. A quality red boy, well matured for one so young. Good head, dark oval eyes and correct ear set. Elegant reach of neck leading to well set shoulders. Prominent fore chest, and plenty of ribbing. Level topline and balanced quarters. Well padded feet. Coat in excellent condition. Excelled in movement, driving confidently from the rear  Should have a bright future. BP.
  2. Booth 7 Elsley’s Peverleigh Super Trooper by Abbalongdat. A quality s/r B. Nice outline. Lovely head with dark eye and correct ear set. Well laid shoulders, good depth of keel and plenty of ribbing. Level top line with slight rise over loin. Not as outgoing as 1 but liked him on the move.


  1. Dare’s Swanford Nigelladora of Darsoms. Red. Lovely bitch of correct size. Well balanced conical shaped head housing lovely dark eyes. Elegant neck, super forechest and long ribbing. Good topline, strong quarters and rear angulation. Moved beautifully in unison with handler. Well presented.
  2. Fossett’s Brydax Jacks Back. Judged this lad before and like him a lot. Larger type than1. Well proportioned. Enough reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Good forechest and ribbing. Would like handler to pick up the pace to allow better movement.


  1. Booth & Elsley’s Labbadax Gimme Gimme Gimme at Abbalongdat. Red. B. Attractive girl with a lovely expression. Beautifully constructed with a good front assembly and long ribbing with a deep brisket. Moved freely keeping a level topline.
  2. Cheese’s Suecaseus. B/T B. Good enough head, nice length of neck leading to well set shoulders. Good forechest but slightly narrow in front. Moved OK.
  3. (5)
  4. Paskin’s Kindeace Rita Ora. In super coat and so eye catching. A really sound bitch. Excels in length of head, dark bright eyes and correct scissor bite. Elegant neck, well laid shoulders. Superb ribbing, deep brisket. Well off for bone and muscle. Well padded feet allowing her to move freely keeping top line at all times RBOB.
  5. Fossett’s Brydax Second to None. Red D. Plenty of substance in bone and muscle. Liked his head, long neck and well set shoulders, Nice tight elbows and enough ribbing. Overall well balanced. Moved well.

LIMIT (6.1a)

  1. Dare & Guy’s Zarsoms Zindzi. 2yr Red B. Stunning head with is a crowning feature. Ticked all the boxes in forechesdt, ribbing and topline. Good height to length ratio. Super rear angulation Moved true with great extension.
  2. Paskin’s Bronia Mr. Todd at Kindeace. s/r D. Liked his well proportioned head. Correct scissor bite. Good lay of shoulders Good ribbing and strong coupling allowing sufficient movement.,

Open (3)

  1. Dare & Guy’s Melminds Zitanic at Darsoms. s/r D. Loved this lad. Who was in beautiful condition and commanded the ring from the outset. Super quality, outstanding and fore chest, well rounded keel and good length of ribbing. Strong loin and good rear angulation. Moved with fluidity. BOB
  2. Paskin’s Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace. Red B. Nice overall exhibit. A little narrow in front but generally a good profile. Well off for bone and muscle. Moved well,


PUPPY (2.1a)

  1. Paskin’s Kindeace Ruby Tuesday. Br.B. Judged this bitch at a first show as a raw baby. She has now matured and shows promise. Lovely head, liked her dark, alert, bright eyes.

She has good bone and muscle and plenty of ribbing. Super fore chest. Moved freely with confidence – should have a bright future.

JUNIOR (3.2a)

  1. Baldwin’s Sventine Scotts Bluff. Br B. Just a year old. Presented in good harsh coat. OK head, good reach of neck. Level topline. Well muscled quarters Moved OK.


  1. Phillip’s Wiretrap Here I Am. Red D. Perfect name. He arrived with confidence both on the table and one the move. Best of top lines due to excellent ribbing and strong loin. Correct harsh top coat and soft undercoat. Super rear angulation with which he drove around the ring. An overall well balanced dog.

PG (2)

  1. Phillip’s HOtoto Swellegant Gal at Tendrow. Br. B. Another quality dog shown by this exhibitor who has an eye for correctness in the breed. Lovely head of correct proportions, super long neck, good lay of shoulders leading to a good topline due to correct length of ribbing and strength of loin. Well boned hind quarters, correct length of hocks. Correct wire coat. BOB & RBIS.
  2. Coverley’s Aventine Dawn Patrol. Br. B. Good head, a tad short in muzzle, however, dark, oval eye and well set ears. Well constructed. Lost to 1st on movement.

LIMIT (1.1a)

  1. Paskin’s Tendrow Replays The Red Guy at Kindeace ShCM. Red D. Well proportioned conical head, long welvety ears. Strong prominent forechest. Good lay of shoulders. Tight elbows and well arched feet. Moved freely with confidence keeping as level topline. RBOB

OPEN (3)

My notes start WOW!!!.

  1. Phillip’s Ch. Aventine Jamaica Inn. Br. D. A happy boy with loads of character. Thoroughly showed his socks off. Lovely head, excels in super front and ribbing. Good topline, well angulated rear. Moved with drive and purpose.

MLH (5)

  1. Whitnall’s Cankasper Myss Chine Doll. 12 mth red. Super head with lovely expression. Dark oval eye and correct pigmentation. Such an elegant little bitch with lots of character. Good length of neck, ribbing and plenty of width at forechest. Such well balanced quarters. Commanded the ring with her excellent movement. BP
  2. Carthy’s Hey Kari Anne. B. Pale red. Lovely head and correct pigmentation Liked her prominent forechest, would prefer more ribbing but she still has a level topline. Solid rear angulation which helped her move freely.


  1. McCarthy’s Digby Mac s/r D. A striking boy with many attributes in his favour, especially his lovely head, dark eye and good pigmentation. Good forechest and plenty of width in front, adequate ribbing, good topline. Strong rear hind quarters. Movedf well.
  2. Chappell’s Gleneddee Miz Sweet Bee. s/r B. Slightly taller type than 1. Head OK. Good pigmentation. Correct scissor bite. A little narrow in front but overall sound in body. Preferred the movement of 1.


  1. Pitfield’s Follyfield Filamena B/t 22mths B. In super condition, has a good head, long neck leading to good lay of shoulders. Excellent front and rear quarters. Level topline. Moved freely and elegantly.
  2. McCarthy’s Nagshall Lorelei. Cr.B. Pretty head with a lovely expression. OK chest, a little narrow in the front assembly and short in upper arm. Ribbing OK.

PG (3)

  1. Chappell’s Gleneddes Miz Crystal Dream. Cr.B. Well proportioned overall with a nice head, correct bite and lovely lay of shoulders, tight elbows, well arched feet. Level topline due to good ribbing. Rear angulation good allowing freedom of movement,
  2. Pitfield’s Follyfield Francesco B/T D. In lovely condition and loved his head. Just needed time to settle.

LIMIT (6.1A)

  1. Pitfield’s Follyfield Firecracker B/Cr. D. Well constructed and in excellent condition. Ticked all the right boxes in ribbing, forechest . Well round keel and rising tuck up to strong loin. Good muscle and bone. Level topline. Beautifully presented and handled. RBOB.
  2. Rouse’s Doujac Simply Red. s/r D. Four year old dog with a lots of quality about him. He has a masculine head, with bright dark oval eyes. Correct scissor bite. Prominent prosternum and well rounded keel and adequate ribbing. Good topline. Good rear angulation allowing freedom of movement.

OPEN (3)

  1. Broad’s Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM. s/r D. Best o heads today. Super front and well sprung ribbing with correct length of tuck-up leading to a strong loin. He excels in the rear quarters with superb angulation allowing him to move so freely . Well handled and beautifully presented. BOB
  2. McCarthy@s Nagshall Love Actually JW. Another typical type from this kennel with a lovely head, nice eye and pigmentation. Well balanced with correct length if ribbing but with prefer more drive from the rear when moving. Preferred the overall well balanced construction of 1. Well handled and presented.


1ST. Kieron Alton – Handling a Std. Smooth. Tried so hard to control this headstrong bitch who was probably a great deal stronger than he was. However, he gave 100% to the task in hand and deserved his placing.


1ST. Bryony Fossett handling her M/S/H dog. Now a well established seasoned handler in the main ring and, a very successful winner of the YKC handler in her age group. She expertly manourvered her charge faultlessly. Both handler and exhibit worked in harmony. Best Junior Handler.

AV Min Stakes. (6.1a)

  1. Morriss’s Banburg Black Opal at Stargang M/W/H
  2. Dimons Indyvic Enchanted Pnynx M/S/H.

Paul Singleton’s ECDA Critique – November Open Show November 14, 2014

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PD/B. Mixed class all at inbetween stages.
1st. RBOB & BP.Lancaster’s Pellisimer Ottdeal. Very well balanced and holds a good shape stacked and on the move. Decent head. Good balance fore and aft. Moved very soundly.
2nd. Flowers’ Bingobongo Felicina. Slightly leggier and rangy. Again a good shape. Pretty head. Needs to tighten. A little less mature.
3rd. Black’s Bassodon Pixielated
1st BOB.Kent’s Ch. Barratini Teddyboy at Lokmadi. Very good all through. Lovely balance. Good head, decent ribbing. Nice feet. Really moved out well
2nd Selley’s Ubu Cracklin Rosie for Heleanne. Good balance. Decent head Good front. Moved out reasonably.
3rd. Hopper’s Arbennik Atlantek Reach
1st. Ubu C. R. for Heleanne.
2nd. Tyler’s Pellisimer Alf Dee Scent with Aspera. Ok for balance. Attractive head if a shade full in eye. Good front. Needs to gain confidence and put some effort into showing.
1st. Flowers & Smith’s Benzden Lacoste Pink. Has style and quality. Decent head. Full front and ribbing. Could be shade more positive in hind action.
2nd. Grant’s Barratini Ted Astaire at Granhoward. Very nice balance. Had this one put more effort into moving and showing he could have taken the class.
3rd. Morris’ Banburg Black Opal at Stargang
1st. Flowers’ Metcroft Raspberry Beret. Very different in type and shown lean. Very masc. head and good expression. Very good front and decent ribbing. A shade high on the leg. Very good on the move. Could be very useful if used on the right bitches.
2nd. Morris’ Stargang Quintina at Pennywave. Decent balance. A little short in neck and upperarm. Moved out well enough.
3rd. Grant’s Granhoward Jessie
OD/B Not a strong class.
1st. Lancaster’s Pellisimer Deals A Winner. Reasonable balance. Moved out well, inclined to tummy tapping.
2nd. Smith’s Bingobongo Gregory. Up on the leg and also inclined to tummy tap.

1st. BP. Kent’s Lokmadi Come Fly With Me. Excellent puppy with lovely head. Nice eye and expression. Balanced all through. Needs to tighten up but moved out very well. Very promising.
2nd. Robertson’s Ravenwood Courtesan. Good shape and outline. Good head and eye. Very appealing all through. Could be stronger in front which may come with maturity.
1st. Burton’s Swingletrees Xtravaganza. Decent balance and ribbing. OK in head and eye is reasonable. Moved out well.
2nd. Robertson’s Ravenwood Casanova. Nice puppy with very good outline on the stack. Front is not his fortune.

1st. BOB. Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Understood. Lovely. Good head with nice expression. Good neck. Lovely pro sternum and keel. Ribbed back far enough. Good balance. Moved out positively.
PGD/B Not a great class.
1st. Robertson’s Mosiarto Masterpiece at Ravenwood. Has some quality and good head piece. A little rangy at the moment. Could tighten but moved well enough to win the class.
2nd. Yeoman’s Klynerbyner Kiss Untell. Very nice balance with pretty head and decent expression. Needs to be more positive on the move.
3rd. Dimon’s Indyvic Enchanted Onyx
1st. Kent’s Lokmadi A Boy Named Sue. Stood out for type. Masc. head and expression. Lovely neck and front. Nice bone and ribbing. A shade longer and a bit thin today. Needs to mature but very promising.
2nd. Burton’s Swingletrees Razzamataz. Good quality bitch with nice outline and balance. Good head, eye and expression. Failed a little in hind action today.
3rd. Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Minimum
1st. RBOB. Startup’s Barisse A Touch of Magic. Stands well and is balanced. Decent head and expression. Exceptionally sound on the move which is his strength.
2nd. Muggleton’s Elnside Two Toned Guy at Mosiarto. Preferred the type of this one but couldn’t match 1st for front and movement.
3rd. Kent’s Lokmadi Hidden Dragon

1st. BP. Summerview Perfect Percy. Very nice balance to this one and moved out positively. Decent head and expression. Good bone and feet. Decent ribbing.
2nd. Summerview Up And Coming for Daxphilly Very raw but shows a good shape. Pretty head. Has time to get her act together.
3rd. Totonian Dolore
JD/B. Not a good class.
1st. Totonian Cio Cio San. Decent body shape and outline. Good on the move which won her the class. Head didn’t appeal.
2nd. Nagshall Loralei. Decent shape and balance. Good head and expression. Couldn’t match 1st for front.
3rd. Follyfield Filamena
1st. BOB. Nagshall Just So. Very nice all though. Well balanced and with a pretty head, decent eye and expression. Lovely to go over. Good bone and feet. Very tidy on the move. Liked her a lot.
2nd. Follyfield Findley.
1st. RBOB. Nagshall Love Actually. Very similar remarks apply to her sister Just So. Just So moved a shade more positively today.
2nd. Gleneddee Miz Crystal Dream. Good shape and balance. Moves out well. Doesn’t always present a good picture on the stack.
3rd. Totonian Madam Butterfly
LD/B Movement in this class was not good.
1st. Doujac Simply Red. Won on shape and balanced outline on the stack..
2nd. Gleneddee Miz Cool Chick. Decent shape but too narrow in front.
3rd. Follyfield Florence
1st. Little Miss Honeybun for Summerview. Balanced bitch with a good shape. Decent front and ribbing. Decent head. Very free on the move.
2nd. Nagshall Oklahoma Sunrise. Similar in type and close up. Just beaten on the move.
3rd. Neertanauf Sea Magic

Judge. Paul Singleton.

Pat Endersby’s ECDA Open Show Critique – November 2014 November 14, 2014

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Click each page image to view full-size…
P.Endersby critique 1 001
P.Endersby critique 2 001 P.Endersby critique 3 001 P.Endersby critique 4 001 P.Endersby critique 5 001
P.Endersby critique 6 001

ECDA Open Show November 2014 – Results November 5, 2014

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BIS Hampdach One Way Or Another
RBIS Alfreys Rock Of Gibralter
BVIS Damai Master Benedict

BPIS Swansford Nigelladora Darsoms
RBPIS Tendrow Replayed in Blue


Best in Show


Best Puppy in Show


Terry Munro’s ECDA Open Show Critique June 21, 2014

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I was pleased to be invited to judge the standards at this well run open show held on short cut grass, the
weather helping to make a garden party atmosphere with trees to one side providing shade for the dogs.

My thanks to Christine, Gina & Trevor for stewarding & the Officers & Committee for their warm welcome.

Smooth Haired (All classes mixed sex)

P (No entries)

J (3)

1 Burke & Manston. Africandawns Runner Man. Striking b/t male with head of good shape, lovely dark eyes,
body giving good underline, well boned, holding his topline with a driving movement. RBOB.

2 Lovick-Gibbs. Roleta The Lewis Goodbye. Feminine headed red with well carried ears, nice in body with
straight back, good thighs, quarters providing reach & drive.

3 Watson. Roleta To The Letter.

Y (1 abs)

PG (3. 2)

1 Starkey. Cwmdarhian Through To Theo at Hamoura. Well muscled b/t with balanced head, slight arch to
muzzle, developed forechest, well ribbed he moved out well on tight feet when relaxed.

L (3. 1)

1 Burke & Manston. Bonavoir Testa Rossa. Red with feminine head, slight arch to muzzle good reach of
neck nice in body & quarters providing the reach & drive that won her the class.

2 Graham. Gameron Simply Red. Good length to this red male’s head & neck, well bodied with good thighs
but not the forereach of 1.

O (3. 1)

1 Starkey. Carpaccio Jasper at Hamoura Unexaggerated but perfectly proportioned & balanced this b/t male
uses his ears to advantage giving a delightful expression. A level topline over a well ribbed body, excellent
rear quarters on tight feet providing good stance & a parallel movement seen from behind. BOB. RBIS.

2 Lovick-Gibbs. Gameron In Kahoots with Roleta. Feminine red with lovely eyes earset & carriage used well
when alert, deep chest with good forechest on tight feet, moved out well but not the drive of 1.

Long Haired

Puppy (2)

1 Dare & Guy. Darsoms Zindzi. 11mth red with feminine head, nice in body & bone, the quarters enabling
free movement around the ring.

2 Marks. Labbadax Feisty Empress. At just 6 mths this red girl looked a little immature against 1 but her head
shape lovely eyes & hind quarters will ensure she gets higher placings when she loses her puppy fat.

J (2)

1 Marks. Labbadax Early Eclipse. 11 mth b/t with good shape to head, strength to neck balance to quarters
resulting in positive parallel movement, in excellent condition. BP. RBPIS.

2 Dare & Guy. Darsoms Zobama. Red litter brother to puppy winner with balanced head almond shaped eyes,
good body & topline but hindquarters not as good as 1.

Y (4)

1 Fossett. Africandawns Night Gardian at Brysdax. Shaded red, not too long or heavy with lovely head,
balanced & in proportion, stands & moves well but does like his tail.

2 Dare & Guy. Zarcrest Marc Jacobs at Darsoms. Red male shown in lovely condition with balanced head,
holds his topline good thighs & feet but wastes energy lifting legs too high on move.

3 Weston. Gleneddee Liquorice Diva.

PG (4)

1 Chappell. Gleneddee Liquorice Star. Unexaggerated in height or weight this red girl has a feminine head
good angulation, rise over the loin, good thighs & movement.

2 Booth & Elsley. Abbalongdat Ms Marionette. Larger with a feminine head, good planes, neck & topline,
very good mover but out of coat today.

3 Ward. Bonavoir Isabella.

L (4)

1 Burke & Manston. Bonavoir Serenity. Red of elegant carriage, feminine head good wither definition, good
topline with rise over the loin, balanced quarters, well muscled & conditioned, positive free action. RBOB.

2 Sutton. Lillymai Flower by Damai. B/t with lovely feminine head & eyes, good forequarters well sprung
ribs, croup slopes off & hind movement not as good as 1.

3 Booth & Eisley. Abbalongdat Ice Queen.

O (3)

1 Dare. Zarcrest Paco Rabanne at Darsoms. Dark shaded red, I liked his strength of head with good eye shape
& colour but would prefer a little more length but because he is unexaggerated in body he looks balanced.
With almost level topline, slight rise over loin, muscled stifles, balanced movement on good feet. BOB. BIS.

2 Marks Labbadax Bletilla. This red girl has the length of head but not the depth of muzzle which is slightly
cutaway. She has a good topline & is a balanced mover.

3 Booth & Elsley.

Wire Haired

P (2.2)

J (3)

1 Phillips. Hototo Swellegant Gal at Tendrow. Attentive to handler she is well proportioned with excellent
harsh coat, liked her expressive head, ground clearance giving a good profile, balanced angulation giving
good movement.

2 Piper. Aventine Rebecca. Well proportioned bri girl with a very active tail, good top & underline balanced
quarters, moved well in profile.

3 Gibson. Allfreys Sterchen Alnisha.

Y (2)

1 Seath. Zlowfox AV Larhjelm at Sunsong. Well proportioned & balanced bri with length to neck, good in
body & bone, good shoulders upper arm & developed thighs, liked his feet, powerful mover especially good
on a loose lead.

2 Coverley. Aventine Jamaica Inn. Powerful quarters with good head strength, body not too long with good
ground clearance, he moved out well.

PG (1)

1 Gibson. Allfreys Greta Garbo. Attractive head on this bri girl, good in body, topline & feet, displaying a
good profile movement.

L (1)

1 Coverley. Aventine Dawn Patrol. Bri girl has an attractive head with well set & carried ears, prominent
forechest, level topline medium angulation providing a good profile gait on tight feet. RBOB.

O (2. 1)

1 Gibson. Allfreys Rock Of Gibralter. Well built male without exaggeration but showing strength, expressive
head, balanced quarters on good feet showing a ground covering free movement. BOB.

JH 2 classes no entries

AV Mini O Stakes (5. 3)

1 Indyvic Enchanted Onyx. B/t smooth shown in excellent condition, expressive head, nice in body, active
tail, moved out well, won on her driving movement.

2 Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist. Wire male with good head shape & expression with good fore
angulation providing reach on tight feet.

Terry Munro













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