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Standard Wire Critique – ECDA CH Show 6th June 2021 – Judge Mrs Christine Russell June 17, 2021

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Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge Standard Wire Haired Dachshund my first appointment in this breed. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and it was a privilege to assess such a strong breed making my decisions difficult at times. The quality throughout was very high and sometimes exceptional. Every exhibit was put together correctly, though with some variety in type. Movement in general was a bit erratic as it always is on rough ground and the puppies in general were all still growing so a little high on the back end. I was very happy with my winners and glad to see one of the oldest kennels had entered a few exhibits all almost clones of each other and my template for both standard and miniature dachshunds.

MINOR PUPPY DOG: 1st Wharton EARNEST HEMINGWAY V H RUWIELSE LAND TO GREYHAYNE (IMP NLD) Nice head, correct eye and good teeth, movement ok. 2nd Ord & Ainsley CLOUDSIDE SEBASTIAN OF MARNADEE Great coat, lovely head and eye, I could not assess him on the move as he was miss behaving as puppies do. The puppies found the ground challenging.

PUPPY DOG: 1st Lerego   TECKELGARTH PIKE MILLIGAN: I loved this puppy, he was balanced had a lovely head and eye. Good reach of neck clean shoulders a level topline, correct tail set and a great coat. Presented in immaculate condition. He showed himself to the full on the move. Reserve Challenge Certificate 2nd CLOUDSIDE SEBASTIAN OF MARNADEE.

JUNIOR DOG:1st McCalmont SILVAE TIMEKEEPER  substantial pup with everything in the right place. Correct ribbing, good tight, well padded, feet, a super coat and he moved out well. 2nd Hutchings & Price COLLIDACH PERCY CUTE AT SAMLANE A chunky puppy. He has the promise of a good coat which was a bit woolly at the moment. He has a good head with a dark eye good shoulders and plenty of ribbing. He moved well.

POST GRADUATE DOG: 1st Graham STANGATE SHOT IN THE DARK JW: Very smart youngster in a good jacket. He is well balanced with a prominent keel and plenty of ribbing. He has a good head with correct dark eye and big strong teeth. His feet are tight and well padded and he moved well.2nd Betts RANIERO BORN TO STAND OUT A two year old boy with a super head and dark eye and good teeth. He is balanced with a good coat and good feet. He moved out well.

LIMIT DOG:1ST  Phillips ROYAL PEPPERS VICE VERSA (INP FIN) A three year old compact dog with everything in the right place. He has a great head with dark eye good length of neck into well placed shoulders and a level toppling. Good keel and ribbing and a good coat. He moved out well. 2nd McPherson & Paterson BRUMBERHILL MR WILKS JW A balanced dog with a good coat. He has a correct oval chest with good keel and ribbing. He moved out well on correct tight well padded feet.

OPEN DOG: 1STGibson ALLFREYS HERE’S LOOKIN AT YOU This dog has a good head and eye and a correct oval chest. His feet are tight and padded and he has a correct coat. His body on the other hand was bit too long and his topline wasn’t level. 2nd  Binks  TANNAHILL OSLO This dog has a good oval chest and a good coat. He is high on the hock which in turn causes him to rise over the loin. I would also prefer a more refined head and a darker eye.

CHAMPIONS CLASS: 1st McCalmont CH SILVAE TRADER Lovely dog. Great keel which travels well under. A correct oval front with good tight feet. Typical head from this kennel with a good dark eye and correct bite. He has a good coat and he moved out well. Dog Challenge Certificate 2nd Adams CH WILDTARN SHOOT FROM THE HIP JW Another lovely dog that I have admired from the ringside. He has a good head and eye. Everything in the right place. His coat was a bit softer than one and his chest a bit deeper. My notes say I would like a bit more ground clearance. Perhaps they would have changed places if the show had been indoors.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH: 1ST Mathews SONHAM SAUCY SAFFRON Nice puppy with everything in the right place. She has a good head and eye, good teeth good length of neck. Correct shoulders and the promise of a good topline. Her coat was the correct texture. She moved well but like all the puppies was a little bum high. 2nd Pughe & Fraser BYSTOCK TINA TURNER Just a baby at 7 months. A dark coloured bitch with a correct dark eye. A good head and strong teeth. Her coat is a bit softer than one. She moved out well.

PUPPY BITCH: 1ST Lerego TECKELGARTH TUNA TURNER Sister to puppy dog. Again I loved this bitch puppy and well named as she is the colour of tuna. She is perfectly balanced with a good keel and plenty of ribbing. Lovely head and eye and a good length of neck flowing into correct shoulders and a level topline. Correct angles front and back and she moved well. Her coat is coming in well. 2nd Howe KISSDACHS DIVA AT BRAMALODGE A dark bitch with a good coat. Good head and dark eye. Proper oval chest good legs and good tight feet. Good keel and plenty of ribbing a bit unsure on the move.

JUNIOR BITCH: 1st  Hutchings COLLIDACH BROOK LING A lovely red bitch perfectly balanced. Super head with dark eyes. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders and a level topline. Correct angles front and back. Her coat is coming in good and hard, difficult to achieve in a red wire. She moved well and I was happy to award her the Reserve Challenge Certificate 2nd Hunt BOLORIA’S TETELY’S TEA CAKE AT DRAKKINA A dark bitch a little on the chunky side for me. She has a good head and eye good length of neck and well placed shoulders. She has a good tight coat and a level topline. I felt her feet could be tighter perhaps some road work would tighten everything up.

POST GRADUATE BITCH:1st  McPherson & Paterson  BRUMBERHILL BISCOTTI(AI) What a lovely bitch this is. She has everything in the right place topped with a great coat. She has a prominent keel which goes well under her to enable a good rib cage. A lovely head with good eye shape and colour. A good length of neck well laid shoulders and a level topline. Good tight wirey feet not seen in many.  She moved out well. Definitely considered for a top spot on the day. 2nd Davies ATAHIRA DOLCIAMI a good sized red bitch with a hard coat. She has a lovely head and eye. Correct neck length well laid shoulders and a level topline. She has plenty ribbing and a correct keel. She moved out well.

LIMIT BITCH: My notes say two fabulous bitches and I am sure they will change places from time to time. I was nit picking at decision time and unfortunately for her my 2nd place had a droopy undercarriage. 1st McCalmont Silvae Fan Dancer Lovely bitch with a beautiful head and expression. A good length of neck into correctly laid shoulders and a perfect topline. She has a good oval chest with a prominent keel which goes well under her and well back. She moved out well. 2nd Moore & Downes MEGLINE BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (IMP ROM) Another cracking bitch with the same attributes as one. She has the most beautiful head and eye and I loved everything about her.

OPEN BITCH: McCalmont Silvae Sky Dancer Litter sister to my Limit winner. There is very little to separate these two bitches. In the challenge this one just appeared more finished and behaved better. What I loved about this bitch was her front and undercarriage. In many of the wires the sternum stops just behind the elbow. In this bitch her sternum was most of the length of her rib cage. She is the correct weight with nothing overdone. Everything just flowed. My blueprint for a wire and my CC winner and Best of Breed. 2nd McPherson BRUMBERHILL BELLISSIMA SHCM Another lovely bitch though a bit out of coat. Prominent sternum that goes well under and plenty of ribbing Good head and eye, correct oval chest and good tight feet. She moved ok.

Standard Smooth Critique – ECDA CH Show 6th June 2021 – Judge Mrs Caroline Chambers June 17, 2021

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Eastern Counties Dachshund Association, Standard Smooth Dachshund:

Caroline Chambers (Hototo)

A fabulous day and start to the showing scene after such a long time away from the shows due to Covid19, it was lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces and lovely dogs. I was honoured to judge this breed and had some super dogs to choose from. Thank you to the ECDA committee for giving me this appointment and to all of the exhibitors for entering.

PD: (3/2) 1st , BPD, BPIB, RBD, Hinwood – Adnerbs Sheer Nanagins 8 mth, Black & Tan. A very impressive looking dog and mature for a youngster, he had lots of presence and confidence which showed in his movement. A very pleasing head with good shape and definition, leading to a neck of good length. The front quarters were well angulated and in proportion to his hind quarters. Good feet. Adequate ribbing and keel. He was well balanced on the move and showed good drive from a well muscled hind quarters. I look forward to seeing this dog progress. JD (3/1) 1st Andison & Peel – The Hinks Dream Twizzlers (IMP ESP) A little nervous as his first time in the ring. This dog has a good front quarter with good angulations, good length of keel, well balanced, hind quarters were well muscled with correct angulations, very close call with no 2. Moved balanced and true. 2nd McNaughton – Cedavoch Finwe 14mth , another lovely junior dog, a little less mature than 1, good shaped head with a good shaped dark eye. Well angulated throughout with a lovely top line, good strong feet. Moved well and true. PGD (6/0) 1st Grace & Twaddle – Cotherstone Hashtag Sasilasy Another lovely dog. Good head and correct eye, good length of neck and front angles were all good, good length of keel, tight elbows, Well angulated in the hind quarters and moved well covering the ground with ease. 2nd Macdonald – Benarska Limerick – a nicely balanced dog with a well developed front and good length of upper arm. Good keel and ribbing, lovely muscular hind quarters which drove him along effortlessly. Very well presented. OD (3/1) 1st ,BD, BOS, Andison & Peel – Clentry Tainted Love A very striking boy, good quality head of good shape and size, dark eye, lovely lay of shoulder with good front contruction, keel and ribbing good, leading to well angulated, muscled hind quarters, moved well and balanced throughout. 2nd Another quality dog, good shape of head with sound mouth, good angulation of front quarters, adequate length of keel and ribbing, good hind angulation and moved well and sound. PB, (2/0)1st Locke – Lauralee The American Dream just 7 mths, Very well balanced proportions throughout, with good sized bone. Good head, mouth, well laid shoulders for a youngster, moved well, freely, positive and sound. Andison & Peel – Clentry All Ways Russian. Another lovely puppy, close to 1 but a little unsettled. Lovely, correct head shape, and front construction, hind angulation good with good muscle building on the hind quarters. JB, (4/3) 1st McNaughton – Cedavoch Quenya , a quality bitch with good head shaping, correct mouth, good length of neck, balanced proportions, good strong bone, well angulated hind quarters, moved true, balanced and freely. PGB (12/3) This was a lovely strong class and not easy to place. 1st BB, BOB, Stark – Adnerbs Won Vision of Gobannium, this bitch took my eye as soon as she came into the ring. She has a lovely classic correct hound head with well shaped dark eyes, good length of neck leading to well laid shoulders. Good front construction and angulations, good keel and ribbing, very good hind angulations and well muscled. This bitch moved well showing balance, held her top line and moved with good reach & drive 2nd Valentine – Amlida Tamora To Tiffwazz Another lovely bitch, not overdone in any way, good balance of proportions, lovely appealing conical shaped head with a well shaped good front and rear angulations, moved freely with balance and drive. OB (4/3) 1st Valentine – Tiffwazz Robin A lovely bitch, a shame she was nervous of my mask in going over her. Good head & eye, nicely laid back shoulders, good angulations in front and hind quarters, well balanced. Good feet. Moved well .

Best in Show Critique – ECDA CH Show 6th June 2021 – Judge Mrs Daphne Graham June 16, 2021

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It was an honour and privilege to judge at the first Championship Show since Crufts 2020. This Assn. was the first Club to invite me to judge breed classes at their Open Show, some years ago. It also holds a special place in my heart because my Bjorn Veeta won BPIS one year, and then BIS in 1997, when he was awarded the beautiful Patsy Ann model of the 3 Dachshund Heads.

Best in Show.

From a distinguished line-up, I chose the Miniature Smooth Haired, Mrs.S.Ergis’ Ch. Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding, an elegant red lady, who never put a foot wrong. Pretty head, strong neck, well angulated front and rear, well sprung ribbing, strode out covering the ground with ease, maintaining her topline. I was astonished to hear later, that she will be 8yrs old later this year.

Reserve Best in show was Mr.M Dance’s Ch.Emem Summer Sunshine, a wild boar Miniature Wire Haired, full of personality, good head and eye, well ribbed, angulated correctly, and what a mover!

Best Puppy in Show.

Once again, the Miniature Smooths won the day, Mrs.F. Mitchell’s Bronia’s Antonella , 9 months old red, and behaving so well. Good shoulders and length of ribbing, She won her award because her movement was so sound.

Reserve to her was Mr. R Wood’s Wildstar Wrolanda, Miniature Long, sweet head, excellent angulation, good length of ribbing. Moved round the ring very positively, maintaining her topline, in spite of the uneven ground.

Judge: Daphne Graham

Miniature Wire and JH Critique – ECDA CH Show 6th June 2021 – Judge MR Dereck Pearmain June 15, 2021

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I Would like to give my heartfelt thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this lovely well run show. And thankyou to the exhibitors who gave me such a wonderful entry.Also a huge thanks to my very efficient stewards.

Miniature wire haired dachshunds.

Puppy dog Absent. Junior Dog.(1) 1.Mrs S Ergis. Captain Tom at Siouxline. 14 month youngster of good substance, good length of rib and good bone. Very nice head and expression. This little chap was uneasy at his first show. Moved ok on the rough ground but wasn’t keeping his topline.

Post Graduate Dog.(3.3) 1.Mrs P Grant. Pennywave Percy At Granhoward. Dog of good type and well bodied,level topline and good length of rib.moved out very well.Res Best Dog. 2.Mrs D & Mrs H Storton. Dereheath Major Tom. A dog of much finer type.very nice head and expression. I would prefer more substance. Struggled on uneven ground today.

Open Dog (5.1) Mrs G Salisbury 1.Pennywave Nosey Parker at Brocklewood Jw. Although this exhibit stood alone.it didn’t stop him catching my eye.. Lovely dog of very good substance low to ground, great ribs carried right back. Typical masculine head and expression. He moved out very well keeping a superb topline. I liked him a lot.BD BOS.

Puppy Bitch (7.6) 1.Mrs L Sexton. Molloney Noodle Not A Doodle. Lovely baby at her first show. Surprising how well bodied she is for one so young at 6months. Such a delightful pretty head. Correct length of neck into well placed shoulders. Even over very rough ground she moved very well keeping her topline. BPIB 2.Mrs T West. Archidax Hocus Pocus. Another baby of 7months who was very close behind the winner. Excels in movement and confirmation. A very pretty head, overall a nicely constructed bitch. I just preferred the substance of my winner.

Junior Bitch(2.2) 1.Mr A & Mrs L Winfrow&Cowliff. Sadira Magda. A very attractive 16 month old bitch. Very mature for her age. Good front assembly. Length of neck. Well placed shoulders short in loin. Moved out very well keeping a rock solid topline 2.Miss H Bradshaw. Brynfaw let her be. A much larger bitch all through. Unfortunately not the shoulders or topline of the class winner.

Post Graduate Bitch (15.11) A Very large class that i really enjoyed judging. 1.Mrs G E Taylor. White Webbs The Power of Love. A well presented eye catching red that i liked a lot. Very balanced throughout. Prettiest of expressions. Everything in the right place hence superb movement and topline. One I would like to take home. RBB 2.Mrs T West. Archidax Dark Phoenix. Very close behind the winner in this super class. Well constructed and low to ground. In good condition and coat. Moved well. Unlucky to meet winner today.

Open Bitch. (9.5) 1.Mrs M Dance. CH Emem Summer Sunshine Jw My notes say WOW. What a beautiful eye catching bitch In A1 condition and coat. I found it difficult to fault her construction wise. Everything I was looking for was there. A delight to go over.. Her movement was to die for, such drive from behind which is rarely seen. I could easily have slipped her in my pocket. It made my day to give her BOB.And to hear she later went RBIS. 2.Mrs A Mills. Middleton Hunt at Onigsid. Another beauty that moved with drive. Great body properties and level topline. Pretty expressions. Very unlucky to Meet winner today .


Junior Handling. 6-10 years.(1.1) 1.Miss Skye Offer age 10. A very pleasant a polite young lady. Very sympathetic with her exhibit. She carried out all instructions very well. Good table work. just needs to practice her shadowing. Well done. 11-16 years (3.3) 1.Miss Daisy Mason, age 15 Wow this young lady could show adults a thing or two. As hard as i tried i couldn’t fault her. Carried out all instructions with ease. A very polite young lady who had her eye on my movements at all times. She entered the ring looking very smart and professional. Well done Best Handler. 2.Miss Chloe Cumberland age 15. Another superb handler who i found hard to fault. Similar critique as the winner but unfortunately the dog wasn’t behaving 100% so some lines weren’t as straight. That was my only way to split these very talented girls well done.


Miniature Long Critique – ECDA CH Show 6th June 2021 – Judge Annette Latham-Jackson June 15, 2021

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Eastern Counties Dachshund Association CH Show Newark Showground 06/06/2021

Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds

I would like to thank the officers and committee of the Eastern Counties Dachshund Association for inviting me to judge at one of the first Dachshund Breed Shows able to go ahead during the Covid 19 pandemic. Although a little strange in masks and following the KC rules and regulations, it was still great to be involved in our hobby again. This was the first show for many of the dogs today and mostly they managed well. Some teeth could have been cleaner, and this detracts from a good exhibit. No dogs were weighed as per KC recommendations in place at the time of the show.


J.D. (2.1) 1st. Pitfield’sFollyfield Fortissimo. Just 12 month Chocolate & Tan. A balanced head and good length of neck. Would have preferred a little more angulation to the front construction. Reasonable ribbing and used his hindquarters well.

P.G.D. (4.1)1st Drady’s Tolberg Black Adder At Indiko. Super 16 month old Black & Cream youngster. Lovely balanced head, good eye. Shoulders well laid back and good return of upper arm. Good length of ribbing and keel. Strode out well, level topline, front and rear extension balanced. Very pleased to also award BD & BOS. 2nd Woodvine-Shone’s Hanishan Fire Cracker. Lovely 2yr old Shaded Red beautifully presented. Good head, eye and length of neck into front construction. Moved well with good length of ribbing and excellent rear drive but not quite the forward reach of my 1st.3rd Pitfield’s Follyfield Fabrico.

O.D.(6.0)1st Larkin’s Luna Caprese Voleur De Roses (ITAL). Handsome 3 yr old Black & Tan with plenty of ring presence. Lovely correct head and dark eye, good length of neck into nicely placed shoulders and good return of upper arm. Well ribbed. Level topline and moved out well, but not quite as balanced as my BD. Pleased to award RBD. 2nd Woodvine-Shone’s NinaNaja Crazy Diamond (IMP DNK) Very stylish Shaded Red 2yr old. Appealing head and dark eye with good length of neck and good shoulder placement. Well ribbed and strong loin. Moved with plenty of rear extension, maintaining a level topline. Preferred the head of my 1st. 3rd Wood’s CH Wildstar Wrobinson.

P.B.(5.0) 1st Wood’s Wildstar Wrolanda. Beautiful Shaded Red puppy just 7 months. Lovely head and dark eye, good length of neck into well laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm. Good length of ribbing and keel. Excellent rear construction and strode out well for one so young. Pleased to award BP & RBB. Delighted that she went on to be Reserve BPIS. 2nd Williamson’s Wildstar Wrobina At Barkroyal. Litter sister to my 1st and to be honest all the same qualities. Lovely Red puppy. Pleasing head and eye, good length of neck and good front and rear construction, maintained a level topline, and strode out well. I just preferred the head of my 1st. 3rd Mason’s Crownlake’s Queen Bee.

J.B.(7) 1stDrady’s- Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko. Lovely Cream 16 month youngster, very well put together, good head and eye, good neck and shoulder placement and good return of upper arm. Good ribbing and firm loin, with lovely balanced movement. litter sister to my B.D. 2nd. Bell’s Tolberg Cream Delight, another from the same litter as 1st. Good head and eye, sound front construction, good ribbing and rear extension but not quite as balanced in movement today. 3rd Billett’s Daring Dancer.

P.G.B.(9.3)1stGeeson’s Abydachs Alchemy. Could have watched this 17 month youngster move all day. Such easy extended strides and looked as if she enjoyed every minute. Lovely Black & Tan with good head and eye, elegant neck into correct shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. Good length of keel and ribbing, firm loin and balanced rear assembly. The best overall exhibit on the day. Pleased to award BB & BOB. 2ndDrady’s Indiko And All That Jazz.Very nicely proportioned Black & Cream 3yr old. Lovely head and eye, good length of neck into good shoulder placement and return of upper arm. Good length of ribbing and keel, maintained her topline on the move but not handled to her advantage. 3rd Oxley’s Dinkidax Dressed In Red.

O.B.(4.0) Wood’s Wildstar Wrivera. Lovely Shaded Red 2yr old. Pleasing head and dark eye, good length of neck and good shoulder placement and return of upper arm, good length of ribbing and moved out well from behind. Lovely balanced movement. 2nd. Phillip’s Summerview Minnie Mouse. Black & Tan with good head and dark eye. Good length of neck into front assembly. Good length of ribbing and good rear drive but not as balanced in movement as my 1st. 3rd. Geeson’s Abydachs All About Me.

Annette Latham-Jackson

Covid Risk Assessment for ECDA CH Show 6th June – Newark Show Groun March 21, 2021

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COVID-19 SPECIFIC – HEALTH & SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT – Eastern Counties DA – Newark Showground 6/6/21

Assessor: Ian J Seath    
Assessment Date: 16th March 2021  Revision No: 1Revision Date: 16/3/21
              LIKELIHOOD   RATING 1 = Very Unlikely RATING 2 = Unlikely RATING 3 = Likely RATING 4 = Very Likely RATING 5 = Almost CertainSEVERITY   RATING 1 = No injury RATING 2 = Minor injury or illness RATING 3 = 7-day injury or illness RATING 4 = Major injury or illness RATING 4 = Fatality, disabling injury.  
Risk = Likelihood X Severity Acceptable Further controls Unacceptable Risk
NOTES:   The ranking of the risk is arrived at by multiplying the hazard severity number by the likelihood of occurrence number (see table above).   The Committee are responsible to ensure that the relevant people are aware of these risk assessments and that the control measures are carried out.   UK Government COVID-19 Guidelines to be followed at all times and all reasonable measures to manage risk will be in place.   Kennel Club guidelines for staging shows to be followed.   This Risk Assessment to work in conjunction with any guidelines provided by the Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society and the ECDA existing Risk Assessment for running a dog show.     ASSUMPTIONS:   This risk assessment is based on information available at the revision date on page 1 and the Government’s Covid-19 Response – Spring 2021 (Summary), published 22/2/21. It assumes the show event will take place outdoors during Step 3 of the government roadmap. Specifically:   Most businesses in all but the highest risk sectors will be able to reopen. In all sectors, COVID-Secure guidance will remain in place and businesses may not cater for groups bigger than the legal limits.  (The ECDA Show qualifies as a “business” as there is a commercial transaction between ECDA and exhibitors. The showground operates as a Covid-Secure business).   The government will also allow some larger performances and sporting events in indoor venues with a capacity of 1,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number), and in outdoor venues with a capacity of 4,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number). (We do not expect more than 150 people, which is well below the capacity of the venue and the event will be held outdoors)   Other relevant information for this risk assessment includes: – a statement by Prof. Mark Woolhouse (Feb. Commons Science & Technology Committee) that there is very little evidence of outdoor transmission. – evidence that the risk of covid transmission through surface contact is negligible (transmission is through airborne droplets) – evidence that the risk of covid transmission from a dog to a human is negligible   The show will follow government guidance in place on the date of the show, which may be different from that at the date of this risk assessment.                                   The Covid-19 risk assessment is meant to help protect the Exhibitors, Committee members, Judges, Stewards, General Public and Buildings.                                                                                                                                                                                
HazardConsequencesExisting controls (from government and KC guidance)Additional Mitigating Controls Residual Risk
Potential for exposure to COVID-19 through asymptomatic or symptomatic individualsEvent attendees contracting COVID-19UK Government COVID 19 Rules MUST be followed: Wash hands regularlyFace mask to be worn indoors at all times by all individuals over the age of eleven unless covered under “reasonable excuse” covered in government guidelines.Make space at least 2 metres apart or minimise distance with other precautions.People should remain physically distanced from others outside of their householdContact information to be collected from each exhibitor if different from show entry form.Avoid sharing a car journey with anyone outside your household bubble if this is not possible all persons should wear a face mask.   Current COVID 19 advice made publicly available through website links or printed.   Clinically vulnerable participants should not attend.   Social distancing in accordance with current guidance, wherever possible at all times; where not possible then additional controls should be in place.   Number of exhibitors capped as per Kennel Club Guidelines   Participants asked prior to booking whether they have had COVID-19 or they are showing signs of the symptoms or anyone in their close family.   Participants to provide their own PPE, if required.   Participants are NOT to travel from areas currently under lockdown travel exclusions.   Venue for show MUST be in an area not under any national or local restrictions.   NHS COVID 19 App will be prominently displayed        Building one-way system in place for access egress to avoid pinch points and no loitering at these points.   Hand sanitizer available at building entry point and all persons entering and leaving the venue will be required to wash hands.   Walkways adequately sized to allow strict adherence to social distancing.   Judge to keep contact with dog to a minimum.   Judge to sanitise his hands after going over each dog.   Grooming table to be sanitised after each time it is used.   Handlers will be asked to show their own dogs’ teeth.   Handlers whilst exhibiting their dog must adhere to social distancing guidelines.   No Exhibitor showing COVID-19 symptoms to be allowed to participate in the show and will be asked to leave.   Exhibitors are requested to advise the Secretary if they develop any symptoms after the event so other exhibitors can be informed.   No seating within one metre at ringside.   Exhibitors advised to bring their own chairs if required.   Ring to have two points for access and egress clearly marked.   Ring numbers to be laid out and collected from table before entering ring.   Exhibitors will be advised to only collect their own number and not to touch any other number on the table.   Exhibitors to wait until their class has been called before entering the ring and not to congregate outside ring entry point.   Ring to be cleared by the Stewards before the next class is called into the ring.   Stewards to call class number both inside the ring and outside to ensure exhibitors wishing to stay in their vehicles should not miss their classes.   If ring is not large enough to accommodate all exhibits in one go to allow social distancing, then it may be necessary to have dogs in on rotation.   Any areas designated for crates with at least one metre between each designated area.   Exhibitors will be requested to keep movement around venue to minimum.   Exhibitors to familiarise themselves with venue layout to locate their rings. No loitering around other rings.   Exhibitors will be advised to only bring additional family members who are part of their bubble.   Depending on entry numbers, exhibitors may be told to stagger their attendance at the show. ‘Not before’ times to be posted prior to the show.   Dedicated parking attendant in place to ensure vehicles are parked 1 metre apart in designated areas.   Exhibitors bringing their own food and drink should take litter home with them.   Exhibitors should not allow another exhibitor to use their cages or grooming table.    144


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Sunday 30th May 2021 via Zoom meeting at 11.00am

Members who wish to have items added to the Agenda should send such items in writing, properly proposed and seconded, to the Secretary within 7 days of the publication of this notice.


1 Apologies for absence;

2 Minutes of the 2020 AGM;

3 Matters arising.

4 Chairman’s Report;

5 Secretary’s Report;

6 Treasurer’s Report

7 Approval of audited accounts,

8. 2021 Judges List,

9 Election of 2021 Officers and Committee ,

10 Amendment to Rule 9 – reducing the number of years of membership required before being eligible for election to the committee,

11 Honoraria,

12 Any other business (at the discretion of the Chairman)

Secretary: Minna Borsuk Tel: 01406 821 005

ECDA 2021 CH Show date Change of Date October 10, 2020

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ECDA 2021 CH Show has been moved from Sunday, 7th November 2021 to Sunday, 6th June 2021, it will be held at Newark Showground, Newark.

Judges have been contacted and all have kindly agreed to the change of date.

CC breeds

Miniature Smooths –  Miss L M Armstrong

Standard Wires – Mrs C E Russell

Standard Longs – Mr Kevin Hirst

Non CC

Standard Smooths – Mrs Caroline Chambers

Mini Wires –  Mr Dereck Pearman

Mini Longs – Mrs A Latham-Jackson

We are finalising details for caravan/camping site and would like anyone who is interested to get in touch with me so we can get an idea of potential numbers. This will be approx. 200 meters away from where our rings will be,  toilets and showers are  included.

Show will be held outdoors, large grassed area, where exhibitors are able to set up tents, gazebos etc if they wish to do so. Café will be open for us,  right at the doorstep with toilets and showers for those important refreshments.

Hopefully, regardless of the situation, we are able to provide a secure and safe experience to all our exhibitors at a lovely venue .

Look forward to seeing you all there.

AGM 4th October 2020 September 5, 2020

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Sunday 4th October 2020 at Roecroft Centre, Church Rd, Stotfold, Hitchin SG5 4NE at 10.30am

Members who wish to have items added to the Agenda should send such items in writing, properly proposed and seconded, to the Secretary within 7 days of the publication of this notice.

1 Apologies for absence
2 Minutes of the 2019 AGM
3 Matters arising
4 Chairman’s Report
5 Secretary’s Report
6 Treasurer’s Report
7 Approval of audited accounts
8 2020 Judges List
9 Election of 2020 Officers and Committee ,
10 Amendment to Rule 9 – Number of Vice Presidents
11 Honoraria
12 Any other business (at the discretion of the Chairman)

Secretary: Minna Borsuk Tel: 01406 821 005

ECDA Open Show Schedule (2nd June 2019) is now available March 10, 2019

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ECDA Schedule 0619


Miniatures: Joy Middleton

Standards: Clare Butler

BIS: Giselle Taylor

ECDA_JUN_19_Schedule – download Schedule

ECDA_JUN_19_Form – download Entry Form

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