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ECDA 2021 CH Show date Change of Date October 10, 2020

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ECDA 2021 CH Show has been moved from Sunday, 7th November 2021 to Sunday, 6th June 2021, it will be held at Newark Showground, Newark.

Judges have been contacted and all have kindly agreed to the change of date.

CC breeds

Miniature Smooths –  Miss L M Armstrong

Standard Wires – Mrs C E Russell

Standard Longs – Mr Kevin Hirst

Non CC

Standard Smooths – Mrs Caroline Chambers

Mini Wires –  Mr Dereck Pearman

Mini Longs – Mrs A Latham-Jackson

We are finalising details for caravan/camping site and would like anyone who is interested to get in touch with me so we can get an idea of potential numbers. This will be approx. 200 meters away from where our rings will be,  toilets and showers are  included.

Show will be held outdoors, large grassed area, where exhibitors are able to set up tents, gazebos etc if they wish to do so. Café will be open for us,  right at the doorstep with toilets and showers for those important refreshments.

Hopefully, regardless of the situation, we are able to provide a secure and safe experience to all our exhibitors at a lovely venue .

Look forward to seeing you all there.

AGM 4th October 2020 September 5, 2020

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Sunday 4th October 2020 at Roecroft Centre, Church Rd, Stotfold, Hitchin SG5 4NE at 10.30am

Members who wish to have items added to the Agenda should send such items in writing, properly proposed and seconded, to the Secretary within 7 days of the publication of this notice.

1 Apologies for absence
2 Minutes of the 2019 AGM
3 Matters arising
4 Chairman’s Report
5 Secretary’s Report
6 Treasurer’s Report
7 Approval of audited accounts
8 2020 Judges List
9 Election of 2020 Officers and Committee ,
10 Amendment to Rule 9 – Number of Vice Presidents
11 Honoraria
12 Any other business (at the discretion of the Chairman)

Secretary: Minna Borsuk Tel: 01406 821 005

ECDA Open Show Schedule (2nd June 2019) is now available March 10, 2019

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ECDA Schedule 0619


Miniatures: Joy Middleton

Standards: Clare Butler

BIS: Giselle Taylor

ECDA_JUN_19_Schedule – download Schedule

ECDA_JUN_19_Form – download Entry Form

ECDA & Miniature Dachshund Club Seminar 2nd April 2017 November 8, 2016

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Rebecca Settle Critique ECDA CH Show 01/11/2015 December 9, 2015

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Eastern Counties Dachshund Association
1st November 2015
Dachshund Miniature Long
Judge: Rebecca Settle (Araedan)

Class 41: (Puppy Dog)
1st Nagshall Justintime – A pleasing dog with nice head, eye and ear. Good angulation and shoulder placement, sound on the move with good coat – he was well balanced all round I felt. (Best Puppy)

Class 42: (Junior Dog)
1st Nagshall Digby Mac – Shaded red dog with a nice head, eye and ear. He moved well, though would’ve like the tail set a little lower.

Class 43: (Post Graduate Dog)
1st Burrdach Freddie Mi Dreamer – Lovely head, eye and ear leading to a pleasing front, length of neck and ribbing. Moved well and had nice furnishings. I like this dog more and more. (Reserve Best Dog)
2nd Nagshall Digby Mac

Class 44: (Open Dog)
1st Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM – Another nice shaded red dog with a pleasing head. Would’ve liked more ribbing with this one but he moved well with a good topline. (Best Dog/Reserve BOB)
2nd Nagshall Just Santana

Class 45: (Puppy Bitch)
1st Nagshall Puttin on the Ritz – A nice puppy, happy and promising. Lovely feminine head and eye, well placed shoulders and rear angulation. A nice amount of coat, she moved well and with more drive than 2.
2nd Sadie Lady at Jumanda

Class 46: (Junior Bitch)
1st Nagshall Just Fizzical – Really liked this little bitch all round, feminine head and eye with a pleasing front. Good ribbing and rear angulation, she had a nice topline as she moved in the ring. (Best Puppy/Reserve Best Opposite Sex)

Class 47: (Post Graduate Bitch)
1st Jumanda’s Silver Slipper – Stunningly marked bitch, she had a lovely head, eye and ear. Good shoulder and front but lacked upper arm. Well furnished she moved with confidence in the ring.
2nd Nagshall Hey Kari Ann
3rd Zara Rose at Burrdach

Class 48: (Open Bitch)
1st Abydachs Americana – Another all-round pleasing bitch, she had a lovely head, eye and ear. A good front and well placed shoulder, nicely ribbed, she moved with presence and drove out well, I would have just liked more length of neck. (Best Bitch/BOB)
2nd Nagshall Just So JW
3rd Longort Cassie Royale of Donnadon (imp)

The ECDA Breed Specific Seminar & Written Examination – Sunday 17th April 2016 December 8, 2015

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The Eastern Counties Dachshund Association will be holding a Breed Seminar on Sunday 17th April 2016.
The Seminar aims to provide an opportunity to learn about Dachshunds, whatever your current knowledge and experience. The speaker will be Mrs Mandy Dance who will talk about the Breed Standard.
For those who wish to take a written exam and informal Hands on Assessment there will be an opportunity to do so. The assessments will take place in the afternoon and those people attending just the seminar may stay to watch, if they wish.
All participants can choose to sit the Breed Council’s Written Examination Paper which forms part of the A2 approval criteria. The Written Paper will be available during the afternoon and there is a Pass Mark of 70%.
The venue is Moggerhanger Village Hall, Blunham Road, Moggerhanger, Bedford MK44 3RB. This is easy to find, just off the A1 and is a venue already used for dog club events.
Lunches, plus morning and afternoon refreshments, are included in the ticket price of £20 for those who wish to take the exam or £15 for those who do not.
The Seminar starts at 10:00, with coffee being served from 09:30.
Send a cheque, payable to ECDA. (Confirmation will be e-mailed to you, with full information about the day sent nearer the time).

I wish to book a place for the:
Seminar/Written Paper/Informal Assessment (delete those that do not apply)
cheque/postal order enclosed payable to ECDA for £15/£20.
Special dietary requirements Y/N




Post Code:_______________ Phone:______________________________


Return to: Minna Hagan, 4 The Rookery, Lutton, Spalding, PE12 9LN
Tel: 01406 821 005 e-mail: minnah@live.co.uk

Irene Cook Critique ECDA CH Show 01/11/15 November 23, 2015

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LONGHAIRED, Judge:- Mrs. Irene Cook
Thank-you to the committee for giving me this opportunity and also for their excellent hospitality. Thank-you, also. to the exhibitors for their entries. I had a variety of types with quite a number of quality dogs.

Puppy Dog 6, 2 abs.
1st Rodrigues’s Darsoms Zantor BPD, BPIB. A big lad but well made. Well laid back shoulders. Good spring and length of rib and rear angulation. Strong bone and tight feet. Moved well keeping his topline. Delighted to see him go RBPIS.
2nd Dimon’s Labbadax Inspiration for Dimerlin Preferred his head. Good length of neck and spring of rib but did not move as well as 1.
3rd Hirst’s Ranglewood Lantana at Kejana

Junior Dog 1
1st Geeson’s Abydachs Sieze The Night CC & RBOB. Good overall conformation. Masculine head of good shape with dark almond eye. Good shoulders and rear angulation. Strong elegant neck. Prominent forechest. Well sprung ribbing of good length. Strong bone and tight feet. Well muscled. Moved soundly with drive and purpose, keeping a solid topline

Post Grad Dog 6
1st Garlick’s Ranglewood Arashi RCC. Again, masculine head with dark almond eye. Well muscled and boned with good shoulder placement, rear angulation, length and spring of rib. Moved soundly with drive keeping his topline. Not quite the flow of my CC winner in the challenge.
2nd Marks’s Labbadax Higher Than Hope Dark good shaped eye and length of neck. Well angulated . Good reach of neck.
3rd Fossett’s Brysdax Jack Is Back

Limit Dog 7, 3 abs.
1st Metcalfe-Bilgin’s Metadale Maluda Good angulation front and back. Long well sprung ribbing. Moved soundly, keeping topline.
2nd Booth’s Abbalongdat The Visitor ShCM.Preferred head of 1. Strong neck with well placed shoulders and good rear. Moved well.
3rd Chapman’s Melminds Zsyvester

Open Dog 5, 1 abs.
1st Mitchell’s Ch. Bronia Mr. Pepys A quality dog of different type to my overall winners. Well angulated front and rear with good spring and length of rib. Elegant neck with prominent forechest. Dark eye of good shape. Moved soundly with drive and good topline.
2nd Roberts’s Swansford Warrador. Well laid back shoulders and angulated rear. Good spring and length of rib. Preferred head and movement of 1.
3rd Johnson’s Africadawns Night Hawk

Puppy Bitch 7, 5abs
1st Garlick’s Ranglewood Laurel BPB. Nice shape of head with dark eye. Well angulated front and rear with good long ribbing and prominent front. Moved well. Still very much a puppy.
2nd Metcalfe-Bilgin’s Garthorne Going Home To Metadale. Well constructed with good spring, length of rib and angulation. Did not move as well as 1 on the day.

Junior Bitch 2.
1st Dunbar’s Dawn Treader Well angulated front and rear. Good spring and length of rib. Prominent forechest. Moved soundly.
2nd Booth’s Super Trooper by Abbalongdat Dark almond eye, elegant neck. Well sprung ribs and good rear angulation. Did not have the movement of 1 on the day.

Post Grad Bitch 5.
1st Marks’s Labbadax High Hopes Dark almond eye. Good length of neck with long well sprung ribbing. Well angulated. Moved with drive and sound topline.
2nd Garlick’s Ranglewood Tempest Preferred her head. Good angulation. Strong ribbing and boning. Moved with drive. Topline not as steady as 1 today.

Limit Bitch 6, 1abs, 1 withdrawn.
1st Booth’s Labbadax Gimme Gimme Gimme at Abbalongdat. Dark eye. Good reach of neck lay back of shoulder and rear angulation, Well sprung ribbing of good length. Better outline on the stand than 2. Moved soundly but needed more confidence.
2nd Dimon’s Dimerlin Isolde Well angulated shoulders and rear with good length and spring of rib. Did not move as well as 1 on the day..
3rd Garlick’s Ranglewood Idesia

Open Bitch 6, 3abs
1st Geeson’s Abydachs Summer Wine CC & BOB. Lovely bitch with feminine head of good shape and dark almond eye. Well sprung long ribbing. Good length of neck and prominent forechest. Well laid back shoulders with good rear angulation. Tight feet. Looked balanced on the stand. Moved with drive and elegance keeping a firm topline.
2nd Metcalfe-Bilgin’s Metadale Manana RCC. Different type to 1 but another quality bitch. Dark eye. Good front and reach of neck. Well angulated front and rear. Good length and spring of rib. Tight feet. Moved soundly with good topline.
3rd Garlick’s Ranglewood Justica

Di Moate’s ECDA CH Show Critique 1/11/15 November 5, 2015

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East of England Dachshund Association Championship Show

I was honoured to be asked to judge BIS at this pleasant show. Run by a happy

Committee who made everyone welcome. Thank you


1st. Kents “CH. BARRATI JEEVES AT LOKMADI” This little chap is so full of confidence, he is a min Smooth , black and tan 7 year old. He has a good head and expression, very well placed

shoulders. Correct top line, spring of rib, and strong hind endthat he uses to propel himself forward with a certain arrogance, and accuracy. Moved like the Champion he is.

2 nd . Suttons DAMAI MASTER BENEDICT ShCM” this Longhaired dog is, at the age of 10 years + , a credit to his owner, A pleasing head and expression, teeth were sparkling clean. Held his top line well both standing, and on the move Good angles, both shoulders and hind end are well set. Good condition.


-BEST IN SHOW. This was a lovely line up of high quality Dachshunds, and gave me great

pleasure to see them all.

Blackburn Bennett’s “CH LOKMADI SEA HOLLY AT STARGANG” A four year old Min Smooth red bitch of great quality. She has a lovely outline and, whether standing or moving, she maintains her shape. A sweet head and strong neck leading into correct shoulders, a strong

top line. The rear end is correct and movement is accurate. Very pleasing. Best in Show

RESERVE B.l,s. went to Starkey’s “CARPACCIO JASPER FRON HAMOURA” a four year old Standard Smooth. He has the most eye catching outline, Good bone and construction. Moved well, with drive and purpose. Beautiful head and expression.


1ST Smith & Flowers “BINGOBONGO’S SHORT AND SWEET” An extremely nice Min Wire. The first and lasting impression I got was what a cracking coat. Crisp and beautifully presented.

When I got to the body of this little bitch, I was not disappointed. Correct mouth, pleasing head, nice sweep of neck to a fair shoulder, Good spring of ribs leading back to correct loin placing. She moved well, and seemed to enjoy herself. Happy to award her Best Puppy in


2 nd and Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

Rodrigues “DARSOMS ZANTOR” A pleasing Black & Tan Longhaired dog. Nicely constructed and well covered. He is in good condition, and he put everything into moving well.

Di Moate

Carol Daykin Critque ECDA CH Show 1/11/15 November 4, 2015

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EDCA CHAMP SHOW 1ST NOVEMBER 2015 Standard wires my first timeto award CC s in these guys hand although the entry was not big in numbers it was big in quality…temperaments were superb as were coats. Movement was mixed. A few mouths were a bit tight but none were over or undershot. A well run show with lovely ribbons and gifts. Judge Carol Daykin PUPPY DOG 1st BELLAMYS VEENAN ONYX RESETINGOLD AT GARJAY 10 mth chap with a great coat. He has a masculine head leading on to a lengthy neck and well assembled shoulders. He moved out very well and maintained a goodprofile BPD. JUNIOR DOG 1st VINES DEROCHAISE JUSTIFIED AT CISHELVINE 16 mth brindle who sports a good head with correct dentition. Deep keel but a little loose in his shoulder..great ribs leading on to well angulated quarters which he used well on the move POST GRADUATE DOG1st LANDRIDGE TENDROW ELBERTA 22mth boy who did not help his handler due to his happy nature. A bit loose all through and his mouth is a bit tight. However he has very good ribs and a hard coat LIMIT DOG 1stPHILLIPS WIRETAP HERE I AM (IMP) very lovely red who at 20 mths ticked alot of boxes attractive head with lengthy neck..correct front assembly with a good pro sternum well rounded ribs leading on to powerful quarters and he maintained a good profile at all times 2nd MEASE BAREMBAK VAGA BOND brindle chap who has good qualities attractive head and expression with lengthy nech leading to a correct front assembly.. well rounded ribs and moved out with parallel movement fore and aft OPEN DOG 1ST PHILLIPS TENDROW REPLAYED IN BLUE I first saw this dog as a youngster and admired him then I was not disappointed with him either on the table or moving. A very appealing head and expression he has a wonderful construction a hard coat and was very true fore and aft.. top drawer typy, happy, lovely boy DOG CC and BOB 2nd MOORE and COVERLY CHAMPION EX SENTIA IM JAMES BOND 7 yrs chap who does not look like a veteran a beautiful type of hound who sports a harsh jacket he has a good front assembly and deep well rounded ribs… strong quarters he moved out with the correct carriage and maintained a good profile Res CC 3rd SEATHS ZLOWFOX AV LARHJELM AT SUNSONG (imp nor) Bitches PUPPY BITCH A class of mixed types 1st PHILLIPS TENDROW TIME N TIME AGAIN 7 mth baby who I loved, she is very well put together with a correct front assembly good ribs ..she has strong quarters for a baby and her movement was strong and steady a happy little person BPIB and Res bitch CC 2nd NEWMANS BAREMBAK DELLAMARIE dark coated girl who has some lovely qualities..not quite as tight in front as one but still very raw…pretty head and expression and she moved out with style a well balanced baby 3rd SEATHS SUNSONG WISH ME LUCK JUNIOR 1STVINES CISHELVINE CARELESS WHISPER this young lady has just hit junior.well constructed with a good pro sternum and tight elbows.. she maintained a level backline and she used her strong quarters well on the move.. promising youngster 2nd GIBSON ALLFREYS ROSABAYA an attractive girl who again is very well put together..beautifully presented with a good coat correct front assembly and deep ribs.. today I preferred the quarters of one 3rd PHILLIPS TENDROW A PAGE IN TIME POST GRADUATE 1ST VINES GRAVETYE KISS ME KATE CISHELVINE a red girl with appeal. She has a good front assembly coming from an attractive head and decent neck good length and well angulated quarters..she is alittle soft in her topline moved out with parallel action 2nd CLAYTON .SMITH BOLORIAS APRIL FOOL well handled girl who again has agood construction.enough neck leading on to a deep pro sternum well rounded ribs and strong quarters she moved out with style 3rdBATES andMAES JONES DEROCHAISE FROSTED ORCHID LIMIT BITCH 1ST PHILLIPS HOTOTO SWELLIGANT GAL AT TENDROW top drawer girl again from this kennel quality all through beautiful head with lengthy neck tight and correct front deep and well rounded ribs powerful quarters which she used on the move..parallel both fore and aft BITCH CC 2nd DAVIES TENDROW JUIE DE VIVRE BY ATAHIRA another bitch of quality and of a high standard very wellput together and handled to advantage she moved out with strength and style 3rd GIBSONS ALLFREYS STERNCHEN ALRISHA OPEN BITCH 1st SEATHS SUNSONGS PINE NUT beautiful brindle who is correctly made and presents alovely profile.. great pro sternum and tight fitting elbows..deep ribs and well angulated quarters unfortunately today her hind movement was not as true as the principle winners 2nd MOORE AND DOWNS AVATINE MY COUSIN RACHEL a quality girl with many attributes presented and handled to advantage correct front assembly strong backlineand strong quarters which she used on the move today I just prefered the depth of one

Ann Shelton’s Critique ECDA CH Show 01/11/2015 November 4, 2015

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PD 1, Mrs M K Cassidy, Rosenez Little Rambler.  A 6 month baby but showing promise.  Good head in the making and a well held neck.  Still a little soft in the topline, but should   strengthen with age.  Rear angulation correct and moved well when settled. BPD

JD 1, Mrs S J Jones, Bimini Starstruck.  Strong boy with a good expression, dark eye and well shaped head.  Correct shoulders, long ribbing and  well angulated rear end.  Excellent coat. RBD

PGD. 1, Mr M Flowers & Ms L Soderberg,  Baltiskiy Talisman Indiana Jones.  Typical head, well held, correct angulation front and rear.  Moved out well.  Would have preferred a little more ribbing.

OD 1, Mrs P Grant, Barrantini Ted Astaire at Granhoward.  An elegant dog who moved with drive.  Very male head, reachy neck and a well held topline.  Correctly angled shoulders and good  sweep of keel. Short loin, well rounded backend.  BD. RBOB

2, Mrs S A Smith, Bingobongo Gregory.  Different type to 1 and a little unsettled.  Dark eye, nicely rounded ribs, a little long in the loin.  A little attention to his coat would be of benefit. PB 2 (1) 1,  Mr R G Smith & Mr M A Flowers, Bingobongos Short and Sweet. Very correct bitch, she caught my eye as she entered the ring.  Feminine head with a dark eye.  Front assembly correct, keel going right back leading to very well sprung ribbing.  Short loin and well rounded, powerful backend. Excellent coat.  BBP, BP, BPIS

2, Mrs C A Morris, Pennywave Uptown Girl.  Another lovely girl, but lost her topline on the move today.  Nicely balanced all round with a harsh jacket and correct   angulation.

JB 4 (2) 1, Mrs C Russel, Russteck So Fair A Dream.  No exaggerations anywhere, pleasing head, well held, excellent shoulders, tight elbows and well sprung ribbing.  Strong backend which allowed her to move round the ring with style.  RBB

2, Mrs C A  Morris, Pennywave Top Totti.  Another lovely bitch,same remarks apply, just not quite the movement of 1 today.

PGB 4,  1, Mrs C A Morris, Stargang Quintina At Pennywave. Well put together front assembly and   nicely arched neck.  All angles correct.  Excellent  prosternum.  Strong ribbing.  Steady topline.  Moved true coming and going

2, Mr K & Mrs L & Miss E Black, Bassodon Pixielated.  Different type to 1, darkest of eyes, Shoulders laid back, well sprung ribbing, well angled at rear, moved with drive.

OB 5 (3) 1, Mrs C Russel, Russteck I Dreamed A Dream JW.  Sister to my JB winner.  She took my eye as soon as she entered the ring, moving with great style.  Beautifully feminine head and expression, correct front assembly with tight elbows.  Well sprung ribbing leading to a short, strong loin.  Nicely angulated quarters allowing for a driving action around the ring. BOB           2, Mrs C A Morris, Banburg Black Opal at Stargang.  Would have liked a more defined head,  but good sweep of keel and long ribbing.  Strong in topline, correct rear angulation.

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