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Ian Smith Critique ECDA Open Show Nov 3rd 2019 – Standard Dachshunds & JH January 2, 2020

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I would like to thank the committee for giving me this opportunity to go over the three standard dachshund breeds. It was interesting to go over what should essentially be the same dog but all of the three breeds have their good and bad points which vary from breed to breed. I was very pleased to see that my main winners featured highly in the Best in Show judging. The show was very well run and there was an excellent sporting atmosphere round the rings. The only downside for the dogs was the flooring which did not allow them to move out as well as they undoubtedly could. My most difficult task was the unenviable judging between two great children in the junior handling class.

Wirehaired Dachshunds
Puppy: (2 entries, no absentees) 1. Phillips’ Tendrow Turns The Right Page, 11 month old red bitch, good harsh coat, nice almond shaped eye, pleasing feminine head, correct top line, good length of ribbing and bone, moved well BP (and BPIS) 2. Howe’s Bramalodge Blue Monday, 6 month old brindle dog, excellent harsh coat, decent length of neck, a little short in upper arm, good top and underlines, limited upper thigh and rear angulation, rather liked his tail but otherwise moved well, could not compete with a puppy almost twice his age, plenty of time for improvement.
Junior: (3,0) 1. Coverley’s Aventine Dolcetto, 17 month old brindle bitch, good harsh coat, feminine head, correct eye and ear set, good clearance, pleasing top and under lines, sufficient rear angulation, not quite enough front, moved well 2. Gibson’s Allfreys Matilda, 13 month old brindle bitch, good front, feminine head, good eye, good angles all round, correct top and underlines, moved well, just lost out on maturity 3. Clayton-Smith’s Cairparavel Kiss From A Rose
Yearling: (2,0) 1. Coverley’s Aventine Amarella, litter sister of junior winner, very feminine, excellent outlines, good front, correct shoulder angulation, decent length of neck, good clearance, tight feet, good movement 2. Clayton-Smith’s Cairparavel Lilac Wine, 18 month old brindle bitch, rather heavy in coat, good height/length ratio, pleasing head, not the length of neck of class winner, good top and under lines, decent length of ribbing, down on front pasterns, could lose a pound or two in weight, moved well
Post Graduate: (4,0) 1. Howe’s Bramalodge Betsy Button, two year old brindle bitch, well presented with harsh coat, nicely proportioned, maybe a bit heavy over the shoulders, moved with balance, best in class by far and not far off reserve placing 2. Clayton-Smith’s Cairparavel Lilac Wine, as above 3. Howe’s Kissdachs Bilbao At Bramalodge 4. Munday & Spalding’s Cishelvine Can’t Catch Me With Kubear
Limit: (3,1) 1. Chambers’ Cishelvine Just A Kiss With Hototo, 21 month old red dog, good head and eye, strong front, tight feet, good top line and ribbing, good rear angulation, so full of himself, strong and masculine, moved with verve, BoB 2. Chambers’ Tendrow I Am A Legend With Elderkine, three year old dark brindle bitch, ribbing could be longer, rather low to ground and carrying too much weight but good front and outlines, and moved well.
Open: (3,2) 1. Gibson’s Allfreys Helena, I have liked this two year old brindle bitch for some time, good harsh coat, excellent size and proportions, good front and tight shoulders, really well angulated, moved well with parallel rear action , but just a bit fidgety and not quite as composed as normal which lost her top spot in the challenge, RBoB

Longhaired Dachshunds
Puppy: (5,2) 1. Dare’s Swansford Gasperdor Darsoms, 10 month old black and tan dog, very masculine head, good eye, profuse coat, correct shoulders, decent length of neck, good front, top and underlines, tight feet, moved out well but not quite as much rear drive for perfection, BP (and RBPIS) 2. Booth Elsley’s Abbalongdat I Had A Dream, seven month old red dog, good length of coat, pleasing male head and eye, front angulation could be better, good top line, moved well and good rear movement but not so impressive coming towards 3. Booth Elsley’s Abbalongdat One Of Us
Junior: (3,0) 1. Johnson & Cross’ Wardax Angelica, 16 month old red bitch, good size, correct proportions, good length coat, feminine head, decent front, level top line, lacked ribbing (but not alone in this), moved reasonably well but rather close front and rear 2. Dare’s Larkhund Black Panther, 16 month old black & tan dog, profuse coat, on the large side, front not as good as class winner, good top and under lines, moved very much as class winner, preferred size of winner 3. Wedge’s Danton Fire Dancer At Dolans,
Yearling: (2,0) 1. Johnson & Cross’ Africandawns May Sonnet, 16 month old black and tan bitch, feminine head, good eye, decent front but lacked ribbing, moved well, a bit close behind but better coming to 2. Booth Elsley’s Abbalongdat Eagle, 17 month old red dog, masculine head, correct bite, good coat, nicely proportioned, reasonable front angulation, but rear drive rather limited maybe due to the flooring
Post Graduate: (5,1) 1. Paskins’ Bronia Final Kiss At Kindace, 18 month old black and tan bitch, good size, feminine head, decent front and shoulders if a bit low to ground, tight feet, good top line and moved out well 2. Wedge’s Faulksfollie Miss Minaver At Dolans, 17 month old shaded red bitch, feminine head and expression, good size, coat not profuse, tight feet, adequate ribbing but not as good as class winner and limited rear extension, moved well 3. Booth Elsley’s Romeo Rude To Abbalongdat 4. Paskins’ Cedavoch It’s Taboo At Kindace
Limit: (4,0) 1. Paskins’ Kindeace Scarlett O Hara, 22 month old shaded red bitch, good front, tight feet, adequate coat, could have done with a little more ribbing, good top and under lines, moved well 2. Johnson & Cross’ Africandawns Eileen Over, 19 month old shaded red bitch, rather fidgety, good size, decent front, length of ribbing could be better, moved well but not as well as class winner 3. Booth Elsley’s Raphaela Rude to Abbalongdat 4. Dimon’s Labbadax Inspiration For Dimerlin
Open: (8, 2) 1. Johnson & Cross’ Aficandawns Myles Long, 16 month old black & tan dog, good size, correct front, top and under lines, sufficient ribbing, tight feet, good rear angulation and moved out well, BoB 2. Paskins’ Territoria Lubvi Vesna At Kindeace, 16 month old red bitch, sufficient coat, very feminine head, good eye, decent front, good reach of neck, good lines throughout, adequate ribbing, limited rear angulation, moved well 3. Paskins’ Ch Abydachs Summer Dream At Kindeace ShCM 4. Wedge’s Peverleigh Autumnal Louis At Dolans 5. Borsuk & Fossett’s Baltic Legacy Via Amberteckel

Smoothhaired Dachshunds
Puppy: (6,0) 1. Norton’s Matzell Martinella, six month old red bitch, lovely feminine head and expression, good top and under lines, tight feet, good front and plenty of clearance, excellent reach of neck, moved very well BP & RBoB 2. MacDonoald’s Bensarka Limerick, seven month old correctly proportioned shaded red dog, good front, shoulders and angles, correct front and rear angulation, tight feet, moved well if a little nervous, unlucky to come up against class winner 3. Goffin-Thorogood’s Matzell Mazari 4. Taylor’s Dovestream Black Russian At Dachsinbull 5. Robertson’s Rijobeau Jack The Lad At Ravenwood
Junior: (1,0) 1. Valentine’s Amlida Tamora To Tiffwazz, 15 month old black and tan bitch, rather nervous disposition, reasonable front, good reach of neck, feminine head, good dark eye, level top line, tight feet, moved reasonably well if a little close fore and rear
Yearling: (2,2) —
Post Graduate: (3,1) 1. Chauhan’s Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput, lovely 12 month old black and tan bitch, very feminine head, correct eye, sufficient front, good clearance, tight feet, level top line, excellent rear angulation, moved well though rear needs to straighten a little, BoB 2. Cox’s Dovestream Nutella, two rear old chocolate dog, good proportions, strong front if a little on the heavy side and a little upright, good top and under lines, limited rear drive
Limit: (4,0) 1. Vaitekunaite’s Delvitae Luxury Mile, Two year old red bitch, good proportions and angulations throughout if somewhat on the larger side, level top line, good front and clearance, decent length of neck, tight feet, moved well but a little anxious 2. Goffin-Thorogood’s Matzell Milzani, two year old red dog, very masculine, good front, tight feet, reasonable length of ribbing, good top and under lines, moved out well 3. Seago and Gibbard’s Amlida Aston 4. Hall’s Bensarka Little White Dove
Open: (4,0) 1. Chauhan’s Wanderhund Viva Las Vegas, 18 month old black and tan dog, very masculine, strong front, decent reach of neck, good top and under lines, correct shoulders, tight feet, good rear angulation, moved with confidence 2. MacDonald’s Ch Bensarka I Like Twucks, three year old red bitch, very feminine head and expression, decent reach of neck, a bit short in upper arm, level top line, moved well 3. Norton’s Matzell Myrtle 4. Seago and Gibbard’s Amlida Spirit

Junior Handling
Junior Handling (6-10 years): Two very young handlers, neither of whom had great experience but who will hopefully take encouragement from what must have been quite a daunting experience in a large ring with many onlookers, 1. Maria Vaitekunaite, who followed advice and instructions and handled her dog very well and with some confidence. Whilst clearly not strong enough to place her dog on the table she nevertheless managed to set her dog correctly and then walked him calmly around the ring and did as asked, 2. Sam Smythe, who needs a little more training and did become a tad confused on a couple of occasions but nevertheless did not lose heart and carried on valiantly and walked his dog as asked.
Junior Handling (11-16 years): No entries

Laura Sexton AV Veteran, BIS and BPIS Critique December 4, 2019

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ECDA November 3rd 2019 Open Show
Many thanks for the invitation to judge BIS for this really friendly club. They have always put on a super event run by a very hard working committee.
AV Veteran:1. Mrs L Black’s CH Bassodon Westwood Brindle Mini Wire. Not showing his age. Great head correct eye shape and super ribbing. Fair coat and moved positively around the ring keeping his topline.
2. Mr & Mrs Paskins Ch. Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace ShCM Standard Long. A lovely girl and this was a close decision between one and two, She moved really well, in great coat lovely head and eye however today she was carry just a little too much weight.
3. Mrs Seago & Mr Gibbard’s CH. Amlida Dramatiker Standard Smooth.
BIS: T Johnson & L Cross Standard Long Africandawns Myles Long Black and tan young dog who was in stunning condition. A delight to go over, lovely head and expression with a nice dark eye. Excellent reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Moved beautifully coming and going also keeping a level topline in profile.
RBIS: Manish Chauhan’s Standard Smooth Adnerbs Take a Chance on Me at Raajput Black and tan girl, still only a baby just out of puppy. Lovely head and again a nice dark eye. Good length of ribbing and delightful temperament which contributed to her happy enthusiastic movement. Well muscled throughout which showed in her positive driving action. Has a bright future ahead.
BPIS: Valerie Phillips’s Standard Wire Tendrow Turns the Right Page. Red bitch with a great head correct ear set and nice dark eye adding to her lovely gentle expression. Good reach of neck and again nice set shoulders. Nice length of ribbing. Amazing coat and moved with drive both coming and going keeping her topline in profile.
RBPIS: Cindy Dare’s Standard Long Swansford Gasperdor Darsoms NAF Black and tan baby at his first show. Enjoying his day out moving confidently around the ring. Lovely head of correct shape with a nice arched neck into well laid shoulders.
Judge Laura Sexton

ECDA Prize Draw Winners – November 2019 November 8, 2019

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If you’re a member of our 60s Club, please check your numbers (below) for the prizes drawn at our Open Show last weekend.

If you’re not a member, contact Jon Hall to join. It’s £13 for 6 months. The top prize is £70 and there are 2 draws each year.

60s club 1119.jpg

KC launches JCF Survey: Make sure you have your say October 4, 2019

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The Kennel Club is hoping for a large response to its consultation on the Judges Competency Framework (JCF), the second phase of which has been launched in the form of a survey, it has been announced.

This along with the work of the JCF review panel, which has held two meetings to date, will inform the Board’s decisions on the future education and training of dog show judges.

The JCF review was formed as a result of a resolution passed at the Kennel Club AGM in May of this year that the JCF be placed on hold pending a complete assessment of the scheme by an independent review body.

Vivid Interface Research has been commissioned by the Kennel Club to carry out the consultation on its behalf, the first phase of which saw representatives from the company interviewing judges, exhibitors and officials at Richmond and Darlington championship shows in September. Representatives will give exhibitors and judges the opportunity to participate in the survey at South Wales championship show as well as Hitchin and Rugby open shows over the weekend of October 11 – 13.

The Kennel Club will be contacting as many judges and exhibitors as is possible via email in order to publicise the survey, which can be answered both online and by mail, and details will also be disseminated via the canine press and on social media.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Vivid Interface Research was employed previously by the Kennel Club more than five years ago when the Dog Show Promotion Working Party was gathering data about the dog world, so the Kennel Club is confident that the company already has a good understanding of how dog shows operate. We would urge as many people as possible to answer the survey, so we can get as clear a picture as possible of what exhibitors, officials and judges want when it comes to the education, approval and listing of judges. We owe it to future generations of dog show enthusiasts as well as to ourselves to get this right, so please have your say.”

The survey can be accessed online at http://bit.ly/JCFSurvey. The deadline for completing it is October 18 and paper copies are available on request from jcf@thekennelclub.org.uk or phone 01296 318540 and ask for the JCF team.


Joy Middleton’s Critique – June 2019 Open Show June 20, 2019

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Eastern Counties Dachshund Association
Sunday 2nd June 2019

Mini Wire

Puppy (3/1)
1) Ms G Salisbury’s, Pennywave Nosey Parker at Brocklewood. Gorgeous dog who oozes quality and type. Lovely head with oval eyes and dark pigment, good length of neck and correct lay of shoulder. Held toppling on the stack and move. Correct in front and behind with good width throughout. Moved with drive and lovely proportions. Looking forward to watching how he matures. BPIB

2) Mrs S J Tomsett’s, Dajean Surely A Star. Correct head with correct set ears, would prefer a more oval eye. Lovely length of neck into shoulders. In lovely condition, correct wire coat. Still young and a little loose on the move going away. Preferred the proportions of 1.

Junior (2/1)
1) Mrs S J Tomsett’s, Dajean He’s a Star. Lovely character. Correct head with lovely furnishings. Nice length of neck, into shoulders, held top line the move and stacked. Still maturing, a loose going away. Correct angulation in the rear with a correct tail set. RBPIB.

Yearling (2/1)
1) Mrs A C Selley’s, Ubu Fascinating Aida to Heleanne. Lovely outline to this bitch, showing off her proportions correctly. Lovely head shape and correct pigment colour. Level toppling held throughout, with a lovely rear angulation, would prefer a little more width in front.

Post Graduate (6)
1) Mrs M M Dance’s, Emem Constance Sunshine. Lovely typy bitch, with a lovely outline. Moves with drive and in lovely condition. Correct head, with a lovely pronounced sternum. Correct angulation, holds top line on the stack and on the move. Just not the width of BOB. RBOB.

2) Mrs P Grant’s, Granhoward Only. Another quality bitch, correct head shape, with neck flowing into shoulders. Held top line throughout and moved with drive. Well muscled. Preferred the underline and width of 1.

3) Mrs C A Morris’s, Pennywave Pollyanna.

Limit (5/2)
1) Mrs C A Morris’s, Pennywave Quintina at Pennywave. Lovely quality bitch, correct proportions, with a lovely hound head. Neck following into correctly laid shoulders. Level top line held throughout. Would just like to see her in harder condition.

2) Mr M & Mrs S Crow’s, Martinks Drives you Dotty. Correctly set ears, nice length neck with a deep forechest. Moderately angled front and rear. Well muscled and moved with drive. Lovely character. Just preferred the proportions of 1.

3) Mrs C Ward-Blower’s, Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist.

Open (6)
1) Mrs M M Dance’s, Emem Summer Sunshine JW. Beautiful bitch and very eye catching. Moderate throughout, with a lovely typy outline. Lovely head into a nice length of neck with well laid shoulders. Good depth of check with lovely rear angulation. Correct width throughout and strong hindquarters. Moved with drive. BOB.

2) Mrs P Grant’s Grandhoward Ethel. Correct head with nice dark pigment. Lovely depth of chest. Held topline throughout. Moderate proportions. Nice lay of shoulder, and strong hindquarters. Just preferred the underline and width of 1.

3) Mrs S J Tomsett’s, Dajean Starstruck.

Mini Longs

Puppy (2/1)
1) Mrs S A Broad’s, Dinkidax Dionysus. Shaded Red dog with a lovely outline. Held top line throughout and presented in lovely condition. Lovely hound head with a nice length of neck into correct lay of shoulder. Moved with drive. BPIB.

Junior (5/2)
1) Mrs J L Pitfield’s, Follyfield Fabrico. Silver Dapple dog full of character. Moved with drive and well muscles. Correct head shape with a nice length of neck into shoulders. Moderate throughout. Would have liked a little more width in front and a slightly better tail set.

2) Mr and Mrs R Sailsbury’s, Drymoor Moon Beam at Boscolla. Black and Tan dog, loved this dogs type, however wasn’t sure about the windy conditions today. Lovely hound head with nice dark pigment. Good reach and width. Moderate throughout and when he did get moving, moved with drive.

3) Mrs J Watts Hedgecock’s, Barok Singing The Blues.

Yearling (4/1)
1) Mr and Mrs R Salisbury’s, Drymoor After Eight at Boscolla. An eye catching black and tan bitch. Lovely quality, hound head with dark pigment, into correct lay of shoulder. Nice width in front. Correct proportions. Held topline throughout. Correct rear angulations. Presented in lovely condition and well muscled. BOB.

2) Mrs J L Pitfield’s, Follyfield Farfalla. Chocolate Dapple bitch. Held topline throughout, correct rear angulation, well muscled. Would like a touch more width in front.

3) Mr S A & Mrs S S Millington, Cunannim Just for Joy.

Post Graduate (3/1)
1) Mrs J Watts Hedgecock’s, Hedgehound Dolly Parton. Black and tan bitch. Lovely proportions and ground clearance. Dark pigment, moderate throughout. Would just prefer a more oval eye and a touch more width.

2) Mrs J L Pitfield’s, Follyfield Firefly. Black and cream bitch very similar type to 1. Moved with drive and well muscled. Just preferred the ground clearance of 1.

Limit (3/2)
1) Mrs J L Pitfield’s, Luna Caprese D’Oroed’Argento of Follyfield (imp Ita). Silver Dapple dog. Lovely character. Moved with drive from the moment he entered the ring. Good rear angulation, would just like a better tail set.

Open (7/3)
1) Mr R Wood’s, Wildstar Wreward. Black and tan dog. Oozes hound type. Presented in excellent condition. Moved with drive. Lovely hound head, with a nice length of neck into correct laid shoulders. Lovely depth of chest. Moderate throughout and held topline at all times. RBOB

2) Mrs S A Broad’s, Eldmour Sea Lord of Dinkidudlor. Shaded Red dog. Lovely correct head, with dark pigment. Good width in front and held topline. Well muscled and presented well. Just preferred the proportions of 1.

3) Mrs J L Pitfield’s, Follyfield’s Farfalla.

Mini Smooths

Puppy (4/1)
1) Mrs Y Kent’s, Lokmadi Catherine wheel. Black and tan bitch. In lovely condition. Nice dark pigment, with lovely oval eye. Correct hear shape. Good length of neck into correctly laid shoulders. Correct proportions, with good width. BPIB

2) Mrs V J Watkinson’s, Mr Boy Samson Lee. Red dog, correct hound expression, with lovely dark pigment. Lovely bone, moved with drive. Just preferred the proportions of 1. RBPIB

3) Mrs A J Bullis’s, Amaffrey Aretha Franklin.

Junior (12/3)
1) Miss E Harwood’s, Picollo Techel Sirena at Paradigm (Imp Rus). Red Brindle Bitch. What a mover. Excellent condition with strong hindquarters that helped her drive around the ring. Lovely expression with a nice hound head. Dark pigment. Good depth of chest and good width in the front. Nice proportions with good ground clearance. Held topline throughout. Look forward to watching her mature. BOB

2) Miss E J C Hicks’s, Phoenie’s Waltzing Matilda. Brindle bitch. Held topline, presented in good condition. Dark pigment with a nice depth of chest. Sound mover. Just preferred the proportions of 1.

3) Mrs W Starky’s, Carpaccop Black Obsidian for Hamoura.

Yearling (7)
1) Mrs W Starky’s, Carpaccop Black Obsidian for Hamoura. Black and tan dog. Lovely hound head, with dark pigment. Nice length of neck into shoulders. Correct depth of chest. Well muscled using his hindquarters to drive.

2) Mrs J A Yeomans’s, Pinedax Little Jewel Girl at Klynerbyner (IKC). Black and tan bitch. Similar in type to 1. Nicely muscled and moved with drive, just preferred the width of 1.

3) Miss E Harwood, Paradigm Cepheus Flare.

Post Graduate (7/1)
1) Miss T Swingletrees Roses are Red at Tarkdash. Shaded red bitch. Presented exceptionally well. Lovely outline and proportions. Nice hound head, with dark pigment. Lovely depth of chest. Moderate throughout. Good rear angulation. Tail set high.

2) Miss E Harwood’s, Paradigm Dar Star. Black and tan bitch. Lovely type, nice hound head with dark pigment. Held topline throughout. Moved with drive. Moderate angulation. Just preferred the proportions of 1.

3) Mrs Y Kent’s, Lokmadi Magic Dragon.

Limit (7/1)
1) Mrs V J Watkinson’s, Loggeta Boom and Bust. Red bitch really drove around the ring. Well muscled. Lovely head shape, with dark pigment. Nice length of neck into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest. Correct read angulation.

2) Mrs A J Bullis’s, Goodtry Ruby Tuesday at Amaffrey ShCM. Red Bitch. Similar in type to 1. Correct head shape. Good depth of chest, heldtopline throughout. Good rear angulation. Just preferred the length of leg of 1.

3) Miss L Muggleton’s, Mosiarto Miss Minimum.

Open (8/1)
1) Mrs S Burke & Mr R Manston’s, Bonavior Black Jack. Black and tan male. Very typy and eye catching. Presented in excellent condition. Lovely hound head and dark pigment. Good depth of check and correct proportions. Held top line throughout with a workman like attitude on the move. Moved with drive and well muscled. Good width front and rear. RBOB.

2) Miss L Muggleton’s, Mosiarto Miss Calculate JW. Shaded red bitch. Correct head, with oval shaped eyes. Nice length of neck into well placed shoulders. Topline held throughout.

3) Mrs Y Kent’s, Lokmadi Goodnight Irene JW.

Standard Open Stakes (9/6)
1) Mr P P & Mrs D J Clarke & Miss K Ristedt. GR CH Dual CH Doxdane’s Aviance Krewe Du Vieux. Shaded Red, standard long male. Wow. This dog commands the ring when he enters. Lovely hound and workman like attitude. Lovely expression with dark pigment. Correct depth of chest with lovely proportions. Good width in front and behind. Correct front and rear angulations. Held topline at all times. Presented in excellent condition.

2) Miss K S Valentine’s, Tiffwazz Robin. Black and tan dog. Lovely size, preferred the head and outline of 1. Good depth of chest. Good ground clearance. Nicely muscled and moved with drive and ease.

3) Mrs C & Miss H Turner and Mrs E Merrifield’s, Boloria Mr Moonlight.

Joy Middleton

Clare Butler’s Critique – June 2019 Open Show June 5, 2019

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Eastern Counties Dachshund Association
2nd June 2019
Critique for All Standard Dachshunds/JH and AV Min.

Firstly may I take this opportunity of thanking ECDA for inviting me to judge at their show. I must make a comment here, that it was the best run Open Show that I have been asked to judge. The atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming and people were actually applauding the winners from around the ringside – which nowadays is lacking in a lot of shows. Thank you also to the exhibitors for giving me the chance to judge their dogs.

Only a few issues in the entries – Std longs with ear and trouser knots and the movement in some of the Std smooths was rather random. However those remarks aside I was very pleased with the entries – with some fabulous dogs/bitches.
Please note ALL classes are Dog/Bitch


PUPPY 5 (1ab)
1ST Larkhund Black Panther Darsoms (IKC) – Mrs C Dare.
Quality Black and Tan dog – 10 months – Lovely shape and outline. Very masculine head, lovely almond eye and expression. Good reach of neck flowing into laid back shoulders. Superb length of ribbing, with a strong loin. Lovely straight coat, in excellent condition. Good rear angulation which led to strong movement. Flowed around the ring, with purpose and drive. Shown in excellent condition, a young man with fabulous ring presence, owning the ring on his entry. BOB BPIB
2nd Danton Fire Dancer at Dolans – Mr M Wedge.
8 month old shaded red bitch , lovely almond eye, with soft feminine expression. Nice reach of neck with good shoulder placement. Nice length of rib and good rear angulation – moved well around the ring. RBPIB
3rd Africandawns Betty Cant at Melminds.

JUNIOR 4 (2ab)
1st Africandawns Justin N Time for Melminds – Ms M Chapman.
Shaded red dog of good type. Masculine head with correct eye and ear placement. Prominent forechest with level topline. Good length of ribbing – moved well with drive.
2nd Abbalongdat Under Attack – Mrs A and Mr I Booth Elsey.
Nice red bitch with feminine expression and good eye. Lower type than one – nice length of rib with strong loin. Nice rear angulation. Unfortunately this young lady picked up an injury and was unable to give her best movement today.

YEARLING 2 (1ab)
1st Abbalongdat Eagle – Mrs A and Mr I Booth Elsey.
Very nice red dog with a true masculine head. Correct bite, almond eye and good length or ear. Strong neck and correct shoulder placement. Nice length of rib – a dog who is fit for function – moved true with drive. RBOB

1st Romeo Rude to Abbalongdat (Imp LTU) – Mrs A and Mr I Booth Elsey.
Shaded red dog of taller type. Lovely head and eye. Good reach of neck with strong shoulders. Nice length of rib with good coat covering. Moved well.
2nd Lilia Rose at Damai – Mrs J and Mrs B Sutton & Pankhurst.
Lovely dark shaded red bitch – 3yrs old. Feminine head with soft expression – Good reach of neck, nice shoulder placement with level topline – covered the ground well.
3RD Faulksfollie Miss Minaver at Dolans

LIMIT 4 (2ab)
1st Raphaela Rude to Abbalongdat (Imp LTU) – Mrs A and Mr I Booth Elsey.
2 year old Red bitch, lovely feminine conical head. Almond eye and correct ear placement. Nice reach of neck flowing into correct shoulder placement. Nice rear angulation – moved well.
2nd Melminds Zsylvester ShCM – Ms M Chapman
Lovely 6 ½ year old dog in good condition. Nice tight feet, prominent forechestc good length of ribbing – with correct rear angulation. Moved well coming and going covering the ground with purpose – close decision.

OPEN 5 (1ab)
1st Darsoms Zocratees – Mrs C Dare
Shaded red dog – typical from this kennel – Well balanced lad, masculine head –but soft expression. Good front, length of neck and shoulder placement. Super coat in fab condition. True movement – flowed around the ring. A pleasure to judge.
2ndBonavoir Ermintrude – S & R Burke & Manston
Nice red bitch – lower to the ground than 1. Feminine head and eye – good length of rib. Good rear angulation – moved well.


1ST Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz – Mrs K Valentine
Black and tan bitch – lovely conical head, feminine with super almond eye. Lovely correct length or ribbing and loin. Correct size – height to length. Good rear angulation which gave strong driving movement around the ring. BPIB
2nd Kiersha in the Limelight – S L Alton
Black and Tan bitch – femine head and eye. Good length of neck and rib – held topline on the move – lower to ground than 1.
3rd Bonavoir Murdoch – S & R Burke & Manston

1ST Hans Solo – Miss K and Mr J Armstrong and Clements
Wild boar dog – Super head and eye – very soft expression. Nice length of neck and nice length of rib. Movement not so good – think the heat got to him.


1ST Tiffwazz Robin – Mrs K Valentine
Black and Tan bitch – very feminine. Prominent fore chest – well laid back shoulder placement with length of ribbing. Nice rear angulation. Little unsettled on the move – due to hormones.
2nd Kiesha All That Jazz – S L Alton
Very nice dog – masculine conical head. Lovely almond eye. Good length of rib and loin. Very full of himself today. Just preferred the front movement of 1
3rd Bensarka Little White Dove – Mrs C Hall

LIMIT 4 (1ab)
1st Matzell Malizani – Mrs Goffin-Thorogood
Red dog of nice type. Conical head – good bite. Nice length of neck with good fore chest. Tight feet. Nice length of rib – covered the ground well. RBOB
2nd Kiersha Futures Dream – S L Alton
Black and tan bitch – feminine head with soft expression. Nice reach of neck and well placed shoulders – lower than 1. Moved well.
3rd Bensarka Little White Dove – Mrs C Hall

OPEN 3 (1ab)
1st Marshwick Black Duchess – S & R Burke & Manston
Beautiful bitch will super ring presence. Correct proportion, feminine head with almond eye. Good feet, well placed shoulders. Lovely length of rib and loin. Superb hind angulation. Lovely all round package. BOB


PUPPY 4 (0)
1ST Alfreys Matilda – Miss C Gibson
Lovely bitch pup, soft expression. Good head and eye, lovely neck and shoulders…the complete package with character. Moved well BPIB RBPIS
2nd Derochaise Vincenzo Di Braego – Mr P Osbourne
Brindle dog with a lovely masculine head. Nice length of neck and well placed shoulders. Good harsh coat – larger type than 1, fit for function – and moved well
3rd Atahira Mocha Surprise for Brontillow

1st Cishelvine Just a Kiss with Hototo – Miss C Chambers
Red boy – super head and length of neck – well ribbed. Good rear angulation, moved with good drive.
2nd Calicoe Thank God Its Friday – Mrs P J Langridge
Red dog, good head and eye. Would have preferred more body on him – but saying that, nice length of ribbing and nice angulation. Moved well.
3rd Aventine Dolcetto – Mrs L Coverley

1st Aventine Amarela – Mrs L Coverley
Lovely head and expression. Nice length of neck flowing into good shoulders. Ccorrect length with a correct harsh coat. Covered the ground well.


1st Tendrow Black Pearl with Hototo – Miss C Chambers
WOW – what a beautiful example of this breed. 2 yr old black and tan bitch. What is there not to like. Correct size…good head – shoulders – length of rib and rear angulation correct. Moved like a star – harsh coat – definitely fit for function… BOB and RBIS


6 – 10 YRS
1st Grace Westow – age 10.
A young lady certainly at one with her dog. Well handled on the table. Listened to my requests when moving and was also aware when I moved in the ring – a super handler for the future.. Best Junior Handler in show.
2nd Shannon Hedgecock – age 9
A young lady again who paid a lot of attention to her little dog. Not quite as confident with her handling – but very attentive with the dog. Experience will come with age…another lady to watch develop.
3rd Skye Offer – age 8
This young lady had a little dog – who wasn’t feeling it today. He had hurst his leg slightly and no matter how much persuasion was not going to play ball – a little more concentration needed and again…one to watch.

11 – 16 1 (1)


1st Ch Enem Gloria Sunshine JW ShCM – Mrs M M Dance
I have always loved this little bitch – and she just oozes ring presence. Correct to the breed standard …what more can I say…. She owns the ring as soon as she appears – a pleasure to judge.
2nd Follyfield Farleys Fella – Mrs J Pitfield
4 yr old mini long dog – good forechest, tidy feet. Good lay of shoulder with a nice length of rib and loin. Nice rear angulation which allowed him to cover the ground well.

Finally, I was overwhelmed that my Std Long Best of Breed went BIS and BPIS and that my Std wire was RBIS – and my std wire puppy was RBPIS. Thank you to Gisele Taylor for agreeing with my judging.

The winners of our June 60s Club Prize Draw June 4, 2019

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These are the winning numbers in our June Prize Draw.

You have to be in it to win it. Contact John Hall to reserve your lucky number. Prizes are announced at each of our shows. Your next chance to win is in November.


Miniature Smooth critique – John Bennett – ECDA 13th CH Show November 11, 2018

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Eastern Counties Dachshund. Sunday 4TH November 2018. Werrington Leisure Centre, Peterborough.
My thanks to the Committee of Eastern Counties and to my Steward for giving me a super day with you. Thank you to all exhibitors too, for a pleasing Breed to Judge. I enjoyed my day very much.
Miniature Smooth Dachshunds.
Minor Puppy Dog.
1st – Pearson’s, Crosscop Its Only Just Begun For Jenarta.
A sound mover, showing his pads as he drives away from you. Good head and eye, clean teeth, nice length of neck, good front assembly onto well kept feet. He has a sound topline, both moving and standing, well presented in excellent body and coat condition.
2nd _ Jarram’s, Rothadax Parsley.
A nice size dog and has a good head and dark eye, with a nice reach of neck which carries his head well. Lovely tight feet, and in good condition. Handler needs to be more firm with him and with that he should do well.

Puppy Dog
1st _ Barrett’s, Ayseebee Twinkling Star.
A well constructed young dog, with a promising future, and quality stamped through him. A good shaped head and dark eye, Super shoulder placement and good depth of brisket. Good bone with adequate ribbing, kept his topline at all times. A well balanced dog
2nd – Bullis’s, Amaffrey Betcha By Golly Wow.
Quite a good front assembly, with prominent forechest, good ribbing and strong topline, keeping his outline on the move. Correct shoulder placement onto tight well kept feet.

3rd – Starkey’s, Carpaccio Black Obsidian For Hamoura.

Junior Dog.

1st – Mitchell’s, Bronia Biaggio.
A lovely type and well balanced. Correct head and dark oval eye, good clean teeth, a nice head carriage when moving, making him look quite impressive with a sound topline too. He is a positive mover with plenty of drive. Well presented. He will have a bright future ahead.

2nd – Protheroe’s, Royalmaple Fiddle Sticks.
A well shaped head, dark correct eyes and ear set. Very good deep chest and shoulder placement, Good depth of ribbing. He has a level topline and good hind angulation. I believe He too will have a great future.

3rd – Robertson’s, Ayseebee Look Who’s Talking To Ravenwood.

Post Graduate Dog

1st – Stephen’s, Bedu Stars And Stripes.
A nice overall type, good size, and shape. Moved soundly, keeping his topline at all times. He has no outstanding faults. Moves round the ring with drive and determination, Good correct type coat.

2nd – Burke & Manston’s, Bonavoir Black Jack.
Good head and eye, nice tight dropdown, good shoulder placement and hind angulations. A nice overall type, good size, and shape. Moved soundly, keeping his topline at all times.

3rd – Shutt’s Melriding Captain Cook Of Donnadoon.

Limit Dog
1st – Ergis’s Siouxline Jacob. Reserve Dog C.C.
Another fine example of the breed, He also is sound and well constructed with good movement. Well shaped head with dark eye and good reach of neck. Dropping down onto tight, well kept feet. He has excellent shoulder placement and hind angulation. Correct type coat. He moved round the ring soundly with plenty of drive and determination. Well deserved the R.C.C.
2nd – Startup’s, Curtisey Head Gardener.
A nicely constructed dog. He has no outstanding faults. Moves round the ring with drive and determination, excellent well presented coat, keeping his topline at all times.

3rd – Baker’s. Stargang Whipoorwill.
Open Dog
1st – Scott’s Wolferlow Will Scarlet.
A sound mover, who shows his pads as he drives away from you. Good head and eye, clean teeth, nice length of neck, good front assembly onto well kept feet. A sound topline, both moving and standing. Good length of ribbing.
2nd – Protheroe’s, Ch Royalmaple Anky Panky.
A nice size, and sound, overall dog. With a good head and dark eye, and a nice reach of neck which carries his head well. Lovely tight feet, good coat and moved well. Good angulation and correct ribbing.

Champion Dog.

This was a super class to judge with quality content overall, which all should be proud of.

1st – Paget & Carroll’s. Ch Marvale Up With The Lark. Dog C.C. Best Of Breed.
This dog caught my eye when entering the ring. A really well constructed dog throughout, and in perfect condition. Super bone, sound in movement, and a handsome, pleasant character. Lovely shaped head, dark eye. I thought that there was nothing that I didn’t like about him. A pleasure to judge, with no hesitation, at awarding him the Challenge Certificate.

2nd – Barrett’s. Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It.
Also a fine example of the breed. A dog with very good bone content, soundly constructed overall, and well presented, moved well and kept his topline at all times.

3rd – Ergis’s. Ch Siouxline Aaron.
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st – Dare’s. Darsoms Zoe. Best Puppy.
A nice young bitch, soundly constructed making movement correct and sound at all times. Pleasing shaped head an eye with good reach of neck. Shoulders and ribbing correct with good hind angulation. Bright future I am sure.
2nd – Fossett’s. Lokmadi Peggy Sue For Brysdax.
A nice young bitch, also full of promise, soundly constructed making movement correct at all times. No obvious faults and pleasing to see.

3rd – Edward’s. Little Glass Slipper.

Puppy Bitch
1st. Yeomans, Pinedax Little Jewel Girl At Klynerbyner.
Quite a promising puppy, nicely constructed. Good shoulder placement enabling her head carriage to look good on the move, which she did soundly, with drive and determination, showing her pads as she drove away.

2nd. Hunt’s Carpaccio Clarice Cliff.
Good head and eye, nice tight dropdown, good shoulder placement and hind angulation.

3rd. Oxley’s. Dinkidax India Spice.

Junior Bitch
1st. Protheroe’s. Royalmaple Evil Edna.
A well constructed young bitch, with a promising future, and quality stamped through her. Good shaped head, dark eye, Super shoulder placement and good depth of brisket. Good bone with adequate ribbing, kept her topline at all times.
2nd. Kent’s. Lokmadi Magic Dragon.
A nice overall type, also has a promising future. She has a good head and dark eye, and is a good size, and shape. Good length of ribbing. Moved soundly, keeping her topline at all times.

3rd. Rudkin’s. Keydax Layla For Dynastydax.

Post Graduate Bitch
1st. Herrington’s. Kathington Just By Chance.
A nicely constructed girl. She has no outstanding faults and is a pleasure to judge. Moves round the ring with drive and determination, keeping her topline at all times. Good shaped head and dark eye.

2nd. Watkinson’s. Loggeta Boom And Bust.
A nice young bitch, soundly constructed, making movement correct and sound at all times. Pleasing shaped head and eye with good reach of neck. Shoulders and ribbing correct with good hind angulation.
3rd. Muggleton’s. Mosiarto Miss Minimum.

Limit Bitch
1st. Prothero’s. Picollo Teckel Never Say Die At Royalmaple. (Imp Rus). Reserve Bitch C.C.
She fought hard for her place, in an excellent class, full of promising bitches. Super overall type, excellently constructed, making movement sound, flowed round the ring with drive. Good, head, dark eye, and reach of neck. Shoulder placement correct. Good hind angulation, pushing out and showing her pads. A well deserved Res C.C.

2nd. Lewis’s. Ardenrun Maid Of The Weald.
A nice overall type, good head and dark eye, good size, and shape with a correct coat. Moved soundly, keeping her topline at all times.

3rd. Hutchins. Stargang Hot Cross Bun For Collidax.

Open Bitch.

1st Melbourne Carroll & Paget’s, Garthorne Olivia Grace Of Melriding.
Another fine example of the breed, She also is sound and well constructed with good movement. Well shaped head with dark eye and good reach of neck. Tight, well kept feet. Correct type. Moved soundly.

2nd. Protheroe’s. Royalmaple Daphne Blake.
A nice bitch in really good condition, soundly constructed making movement correct and sound at all times. Pleasing shaped head an eye with good reach of neck. Shoulders and ribbing correct with good hind angulation.

3rd. Kent’s. Lokmadi Goodnight Irene

Champion Bitch

1st. Ergis’s. Ch Siouxline Rapunzel With Melriding. Bitch C.C.
A really pleasing Bitch to go over, with no exaggerated faults and excellent sound movement. Lovely shaped head with dark eyes. Excellent forechest and good tight well kept feet. Correct length of ribbing. Sound hind angulation. Moved with drive and determination. A well earned Bitch C.C.

2nd. Hunt’s. Ch Carpaccio Midnight Lace.
A very nicely constructed Bitch. With an excellent shaped head, dark eye and a good reach of neck. Correct front assembly. Sound dropdown onto tight well kept feet, good hind angulation.

ECDA 13th Championship Show – Lloyd Cross – Standard Wire Critique November 6, 2018

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Eastern Counties Dachshund Association 13th Championship Show – 4.11.18

Standard Wire Haired Dachshunds – Judge Mr Lloyd Cross (Loggeta)

May I first thank the committee of the EDCA for their kind invitation to judge this variety of our lovely breed at what is my local club. Such a pleasure to be a part of such a friendly and well-respected club that continues to impress all who exhibit with their friendly welcoming committee and superb hospitality. The committee are a credit to our fascinating hobby and especially welcome and offer help and advice to new exhibitors. Well done on another lovely show and many thanks to all the exhibitors for giving me such a lovely entry of quality dogs.

It has been some 14 years since I judged this variety so I was very interested to see how they had moved on from the dogs back in 2004. Having returned to exhibiting myself over the past 2 years following a career induced break of some 20 years my first impressions of the variety having watched from ringside was one of delight at the depth of quality exhibits compared to those that I had judged before. On getting my ‘hands on’ I certainly was not disappointed and found a plethora of quality exhibits, well presented in good hard condition with strong substance and good coats. There were no bad mouths or tail faults and temperaments were exceptional and the exuberance of this variety is fabulous. I like to give general constructive criticism and found a few a little shorter in rib than ideal and a few a little upright in shoulder although in general shoulders and overall front construction had improved dramatically. Lots of lovely heads and great reach of neck in the majority. I think the breeders of this variety have been clever with their use of outcross and have introduced good ground covering free movement in many exhibits. Several other exhibitors in our other coated varieties would do well to talk to the wire breeders and take some advice from what they have achieved and understand better the need to ensure carefully planned outcross happens on a regular basis. Many congratulations to what now must be, in my opinion, one of the strongest varieties of the UK Dachshunds.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,0)
1) Langridges Calicoe Thank God It’s Friday – Most promising puppy of just 7 months very sound all through with no exaggeration. Strong front construction and good conical head with good expression. Well angulated hindquarters used to good advantage on the move.
2) Sweeneys Sunsong Almond Biscotti – 8 month red with a good sound front and nice shoulders. Lovely head and eye. Not quite the level topline on the move as winner and would prefer a slightly better tailset.
3) Lee’s Waggington Jupiter at Daxilee.

Puppy Dog (4,2)
1) Graham’s Brumberhill Armstrong – Well presented and handled 9 month of classic outline. Lovely well constructed front, still filling and developing, good well angulated hindquarters used to good effect with drive. Carried himself well to win BPD & Best Puppy.
2) Calicoe Thank God It’s Friday.

Junior Dog (5,0)
1) Maes-Jones & Bates Derochaise Manhatton – Beautifully balanced B/T of correct size and fabulous overall correct proportions. Lovely head & eye, well angulated shoulders. Lovely oval front, tight feet. Great hind angulation and held a beautiful outline, topline and underline. In the challenge was one I considered for a top award which I am sure he will win many, but on the day did not move with the verve and drive of the two top award winners, could possibly be something to do with being a little careful on the sports hall surface. A lovely dog.
2) McCalmonts Silvae Trader – another well put together 14 month youngster of great quality. Strong head and front, good shoulders super topline and moved with enthusiasm although not as correctly as winner another that unfortunately was a little put off by the floor. Will do very well.
3) Fitches Derochaise Master Design

Post Graduate Dog (3,1)
1) Adams Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip – Fabulous young dog just out of Junior – same sire as my Junior Dog winner and has a cracking outline, balanced throughout, masculine without being heavy, lovey head, front construction and shoulders, super elegant neck flowing into a lovely level topline with good underline. Super hind quarters of good angulation. Good bone and tight broad feet. Loved his expression have been over him once before and he impressed me then I loved the way he moves with flair and great drive and purpose. Has a ‘look at me’ air about him which will stand him in good stead. Will gain his title with ease I am sure – on the day just preferred the slightly more developed ribbing depth and keel of my BOB but he has a very bright future ahead – Great dog delighted to award him Res CC.
2) Vig’s Q-Rrens-Dax Enzo – Topazo – 3year old of good overall contruction, good head and eye, correct oval front construction into nice outline, well angulated hindquarters. Unlucky to come up against the winner who stood out as exceptional. Much to like about this dog.

Limit Dog (7,0) Strong class of good quality
1) North-Rows Tendrow One More Time Barmaud – Commanding dog of lovely overall style (by my BOB winner). Has elegance, substance and style and one I liked very much. Excellent chest, sternum and ribbing correct shoulder placement flowing into good topline held on the move, used his well angulated hindquarters with purpose. Unlucky not to gain a top award in such a strong line up of quality dogs. Not yet 2 so hopefully will have his day.
2) Gibson’s Alfrey’s London Look – another by my BOB winner and although slightly smaller in type was very sound all through. Lovely head and neck, great hindquarters moved with drive and verve my final decision was made on length just preferred the length of winner.
3) Vine’s Cishelvine Caught Out

Open Dog (6,0) – Quality in depth in this class!
1) Phillips Ch. Wiretrap Here I Am (Imp Can) – What a magnificent hound. Caught my eye as he entered the ring and certainly on closer inspection didn’t disappoint. Super balanced masculine dog of excellent substance without being coarse. From head to tail was nothing but excellent. Correct front construction lovely shoulders and fabulous lay back, deep ribcage and strong sternum and sweep of keel. Nice short loin. Such a super outline and underline – very well balanced nicely angulated chunky hindquarters used to great advantage on the move. Moved true fore and aft. Didn’t put a foot wrong and had an air of real style about him on the move lovely head and elegant neck carried beautifully on the move. Had no hesitation in awarding him Dog CC & BOB – has some lovely progeny in the ring too! Congratulations to this breeder who had many dogs in the cards today owned by many exhibitors – excellent type breeding.
2) Moore & Downes Megline Aramis (Imp Rom) – Very imposing dog of a larger type but of super construction all through, lovely strong masculine head, dark eye, well-constructed front, lovely length of neck, strong bone and good feet, correct topline, underline and nice short loin, used his well angulated hindquarters well and moved soundly fore and aft. Great presence on the move holding a good outline at all times. Another lovely dog that will undoubtedly gain his title.
3) Sorenson’s Jethard Just Jive – Making up a trio of beautiful sound masculine dogs. Love the overall correct construction of this well balance dog who I have had the pleasure of judging before, correct construction all through. On the day not quite the outline on the move of 1 & 2 but another lovely dog in a very strong class.

Champion Dog (2,1)
1) Coverley’s Ch. Aventine Jamaica Inn – Lovely Champion full of quality. Smart in outline and correct hindquarters. Moved true fore and aft with purpose. Lovely level topline. Although standing alone in this class made an impressive addition to the top-quality line up of dogs in the challenge. Just preferred the front construction of my ticket winners on the day.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)
1) Chambers Barembak Midsummer Moon – Very pretty, feminine 8-month puppy of great promise. Shoulder construction is sound, tight elbows, nice feet, well angulated hindquarters, moved OK. Just needs to firm in topline at the moment but has good promise.

Puppy Bitch (1,0)
1) Vine’s Cishelvine Kiss Me Quick – Loved this little feminine puppy great overall shape, balanced and well made all through. Great front and shoulders, lovely hindquarters. One I predict will have a very bright future once she gives her handler less anxiety. Wasn’t an easy handle but the more she moved the better behaved she became. One for the future – will watch her progress with interest. BPB

Junior Bitch (6,1) A lovely class of youngsters
1) Gibson’s Alfrey’s Helena – Very well constructed elegant bitch of a nice size. Loads to like about her, best front of the class, nicely angulated shoulders into lovely topline – good strong hammy hindquarters, moved soundly with purpose. In the challenge didn’t feel she was giving of her best and not showing her full potential one for the top I predict.
2) Seath’s Sunsong Keep A Promise – I thought this lovely bitch would be my winner on first seeing her move and stack but just missed out to the overall quality of construction of the winner. Good size, lovely head & neck into lovely level topline and well made and well used hindquarters. I preferred the feet and elbow placement of winner but has loads to like about
her and no doubt will do very well in the future.
3) Hornby’s Derochaise Miss Dior with Jacmist

Post Graduate Bitch (4,0)
1) Chambers Tendrow Black Pearl with Hototo – Beautifully put together B/T of good size and excellent construction. Looking at her pedigree another by my BOB winner! Lovely head and expression, great reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders flowing into a super level topline. Good ribbing and keel flowing through a nice underline to correctly angulated hindquarters. Moved super soundly and held a lovely outline both stacked and on the move. Free stood beautifully and 4 square – Must do well in the future – delighted to award her the Res CC in a hotly contested bitch challenge.
2) Smiths Salixian Tea For Two – another well constructed feminine bitch, good coat, sound front, good head and eye. Lovely outline having great flowing lines. Moved very well. Up against a really super exhibit but a strong 2nd in quality company.
3) Phillips Cloudside Quintessence At Clipperdown

Limit Bitch (5,0) Strong class of quality
1) McCalmonts Silvae Trademark – Eye catching brindle of balanced proportions and sound overall construction, good feet and straight in front, good oval shaped front with defined sternum and sufficient depth of keel – good ribbing and preferred her length and overall balance to 2nd. Moved well.
2) Phillips Tendrow Dancing On A Dream At Clipperdown – super feminine bitch of good size. Balanced all through with a great head and expressions, strong in front construction, correct shoulders nice topline into well angulated hindquarters. Just preferred the length and verve of my winner on the day but a lovely bitch to go over.
3) Hutchings Tendrow I Am The One from Collidach JW
2nd & 3rd also by my BOB winner!

Open Bitch (4,2)
1) Phillips Tendow Time N’Time Again – Another beautifully balanced bitch from this kennel – outstanding breeding to have so many quality exhibits in the cards. Loved her outline on the table and in profile on the move – correct front and shoulders, lovely feet, great top and underline. Very sound well angulated hindquarters. Moved really well and pushed hard in the challenge for a top award in a first class line up of top quality bitches. Liked her a lot.
2) Seath & Huelmtvedt’s Nor. Ch. Gando Av Larhjelm (Imp Norway) – Nice bitch of a different type, lovely front nice deep keel, well placed and angulated shoulders of correct lengths, hind quarters OK but for me too much rise over the loins.

Champion Bitch (3,1)
1) McCalmonts Ch. Silvae Solo – Stunning bitch of lovely balanced proportions and of a good size. Nice front and great shoulder placement. Lovely head and strong nicely slightly arched neck carried well flowing into a lovely topline and correctly angulated hammy hind quarters. Moved with drive. In the bitch challenge stood out as the cream of the crop. Delighted to award her CC. Just preferred the natural carriage and front movement coming towards me of the dog. BOS
2) Maes-Jones & Bates Ch. Derochaise Black Orchid – Beautiful bitch just over 10 years and still holding a beautiful outline. Correct all through, good strong front, good shoulders and lovely flowing topline. Great solid hindquarters move well fore and aft. Not quite the verve of the winner on the move but hardly surprising at 10 years of age. A credit to her owner /breeders.

Dog CC: Champion Wiretrap Here I Am (Imp Can)
Res. Dog CC: Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip
Bitch CC: Champion SIlvae Solo
Res. Bitch CC: Tendrow Black Pearl with Hototo
Best Puppy: Bumberhill Armstrong

The ECDA Breed Appreciation Day (BAD), Multiple Choice Exam (MCE) & A2 Assessment Sunday 24th March 2019 October 14, 2018

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The ECDA Breed Appreciation Day (BAD), Multiple Choice Exam (MCE) & A2 Assessment Sunday 24th March 2019

The Eastern Counties Dachshund Association will be holding a Breed Appreciation Day on Sunday 24th March 2019.
The Seminar aims to provide an opportunity to learn about Dachshunds, whatever your current knowledge and experience. The speaker will be Miss Helen Geeson who will talk about the Breed Standard.
For those who wish to take a written exam (MCE) and A2 Assessment there will be an opportunity to do so. The assessments will take place in the afternoon.
All participants can choose to sit the Multiple Choice Exam Paper which forms part of the A2 approval criteria. The Written Paper will be available during the afternoon and there is a Pass Mark of 80%.
The venue is Roade Village Hall, Bailey Brooks Lane, Roade NN7 2LS
Lunches, plus morning and afternoon refreshments, are included in the ticket prices which are:
£15 Breed Talk & Lunch
£20 Breed Talk, Multiple Choice Exam & Lunch
£25 Full Day & Lunch
The Seminar starts at 10:00, with coffee being served from 09:30.
Send a cheque, payable to ECDA. (Confirmation will be e-mailed to you, with full information about the day sent nearer the time).

I wish to book a place for the:
Seminar/Written Paper/A2 Assessment (delete those that do not apply)
cheque/postal order enclosed payable to ECDA

Special dietary requirements Y/N




Post Code:_______________ Phone:______________________________

Return to: Minna Hagan, 4 The Rookery, Lutton, Spalding, PE12 9LN
Tel: 01406 821 005 e-mail: ecdasecretary@outlook.com

Thank you and kind regards
Minna Hagan

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