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September 29, 2020

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Due to the latest Government restrictions, it has been decided that we are not able to hold the AGM as planned at Roecroft Centre.
It will be held as a Zoom meeting instead. If you wish to attend, please email the Secretary.
An email has been sent to all members for whom we have email address.
AGM minutes will be available on the website after the meeting.
Thank you for your co-operation.

November, 1st 2020 – Show Cancellation July 25, 2020

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Due to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the Officers and Committee of The Eastern Counties Dachshund Association have discussed the viability of holding our Open Show that was scheduled for 1st November 2020.
We have concluded that we could not discharge our duty of care by overcoming the challenge of making our show Covid Secure with the resources and level of staffing available to us.
The health and wellbeing of our exhibitors, judges, stewards and committee is of paramount importance to us. In coming to our decision, we were conscious that many people who fall into the vulnerable category would not feel able to attend our show. We hope you will understand our decision and we do look forward to welcoming you to our Open Show at Milton Community Centre, Milton June 6th 2021.
The cash draw will still be taking place on the day of the show, drawn by Jon and Carol Hall. If you would like to take part, it will only cost you £13.00/6mths or £26.00/year to be in a chance to win £70.00 and other cash prizes.
Please stay safe and look after your families including all your beautiful dogs.

Committee of Eastern Counties Dachshund Association

A Dachshund is a 12+ year commitment. Not just because you have free time with Coronavirus! May 4, 2020

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A Dachshund is for life, not just for Coronavirus!

Advice for buyers and tips for new owners.










*** ECDA Open Show and AGM 31st May 2020 **** Cancellation March 17, 2020

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Following todays announcement by the Kennel Club, Eastern Counties Dachshund Association Open Show on 31st May 2020 will unfortunately be cancelled. All entry fees will be refunded as soon as possible. As a good will gesture to all our exhibitors we are making the refunds in full. We are working to get these done as soon as possible, and would like to ask everyone to be patient while we work out the technicalities.
AGM scheduled to take place after the show will also be postponed, new date to be announced as soon as we have set a new date. Thank you all for your support at this difficult time.

AGM 2020 March 1, 2020

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Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020
Notice is hereby given that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Association will be held on Sunday 31st May 2020 at Milton Community Centre, Milton, Cambridge at the close of the Open Show.
Members wishing to have items added to the Agenda shall send such items, properly proposed and seconded, to the Secretary within 7 days of the publication of this notice.
The provisional Agenda will be as follows.

1 Apologies for absence
2 Minutes of the 2019 AGM
3 Matters arising
4 Chairman’s Report
5 Secretary’s Report
6 Treasurer’s Report
7 Approval of audited accounts
8 2020 Judges List
9 Election of 2020 Officers and Committee (*)
10 Amendment to Rule 9 – Number of Vice Presidents
11 Honoraria & Donations
12 Any other business (at the discretion of the Chairman)

(*) The following Committee members retire in 2020:
Mrs M Borsuk (Secretary), Mrs S Crow, Mrs W Green, Mrs C Hall and Miss E Hicks (Treasurer) all They are all prepared to remain in office and do not require nomination. We have two vacancies available on the committee and therefore nominations are required for the positions.

All nominations for Officers and Committee shall be sent to the Secretary in writing 14 days prior to the AGM, duly proposed and seconded by fully paid-up members of the Association and shall contain the signature of the nominee indicating acceptance of the nomination. Nominees must have been members of the Association for at least two years preceding the AGM.

Minna Borsuk

Paul Hayes ECDA Open Show critique 3rd November 2019 – Miniature Dachshunds February 14, 2020

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Miniature Smooth Haired
Puppy (2/0)
1st Kent’s Lokmadi Catherine Wheel: 12mth b/t bitch, A lovely head, set on an elegant neck and with good front and rear angulation. Maintained a level top line when moving. This she did with sound drive. BP
2nd Mutton’s Montone Her Ladyship: 10mth red bitch, An elegant head and neck, moving with really drive but not holding a level top line consistently today. RBP
Junior (3/1)
1st Yeoman’s PinedaxMurcas Little Girl at Klynerbyner: 13mth chocolate bitch, a super size and construction but would like her a little more positive on the move. Maintained a level top line throughout.
2nd Watkinson’s My Boy Samson Lee: 12mth red dog, lovely proportions and movement but too big for my liking, but maintained a level top line with excellent drive.
Yearling (6/4)
1st Dare’s Darsoms Zoe: 19mth b/t bitch, From her classic head, through elegant neck and great angles front and rear, she was a great example of the breed. Level top line at all times and straight driving on the move.
2nd Edwards’ Little Glass Slipper: 19mth b/t bitch, A little too leggy for me but showed gooddrive on the move and maintained a level top line throughout.
Post Graduate (1/0)
1st Lewis’ Roonard Calendar Girl: 2 1/2yr b/t bitch, Great head with sound front and rear angles. Level top line but would like more drive when on the move.
Limit (9/1)
1st Startup’s Curtisey Head Gardener: 4yr red dog, spot on in every aspect. A great example of what a miniature should be, plus attitude, just lost out to the open winner by fractions. RBOB
2nd Lewis’ Ardenrun Maid of the Weald: 4yrs red bitch, another excellent breed specimen with little to fault. Just not driving to the extent of the class winner today.
Open (6/1)
1st Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Minimum: 6 1/2yr b/t bitch, super classy with everything I was looking for including the ability to show herself off on the move. BOB
2nd Mutton’s Poshpride Alfa Lady: 6yr b/t bitch, pushed the winner hard but was beaten on drive on the move. Would be a worthy winner on another day.

Miniature Wirehaired
Puppy (4/0)
1st Hopper’s Brynfaw I Wood Not Know: 7mth bitch, I wrote wow as my opening comment in my notes. She is so spot on as to, hopefully, be a star in the making and really happy to show herself off. BP and RBOB
2nd Grant’s Pennywave Percy at Granhoward: 7mth dog, larger stamp than the winner but also spot on in construction. Would have liked him to give me a bit more in the drive around the rind. RBP
Junior (3/2)
1st Black’s Lordscairnie Cauld Be Love: 17mth dog, soundly constructed with great drive and a level topline on the move. Just watch the weight.
Yearling (2/1)
1st MacFarlan’s Bassodon Minerva: 8mth bitch, Not flashy but so sound in construction and movement. Another to watch in the future.
Post Graduate (4/0)
1st Selley’s Ubu Fascinating Aida to Heleanne: 2yr bitch, So sound without being flashy. Excellent front and rear construction with so much balance on the move. BOB
2nd Hopper’s Brynfaw Ace of the Base: 2 ½ bitch, Half sister to my puppy winner, great character and lovely movement.
Limit (2/0)
1st Black’s Bassodon Dodecahedron JW: 3yr bitch, Would have liked a little more front but sound movement with a level top line.
2nd Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist: 10 1/2yr dog, Still strutting his stuff at this age but lacking the drive of the winner on the move.
Open (3/1)
1st MacFarlan’s Granhoward Lilly: 3yr bitch, A lovely stamp of bitch who showed herself at all times. Super level top line on the move.
2nd Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist. See comments above.
Miniature Longhaired.
Puppy (2/1)
1st Johnson & Cross Liric Gin and Tonic: 11mth red bitch, So sound throughout with much femininity, but I would like to see more drive if I judge her in the future, BP
Junior (6/3)
1st Johnson’s Africandawns Magdelena: 18mth red bitch, soundly constructed and with a lovely,level top line on the move but would like a little more drive. Shown in top condition.
2nd Webba’s Blue Begin Tilly in a Tea Cup: 15mth red bitch, Very femine bitch but a little unsure of herself. With more work, she will improve and show herself much better.
Yearling (4/3)
1st Pitfield’s Follyfield Farfalla: 18mth chocolate dapple bitch, In super condition and moved with drive and a level topline. Loved her head and neck.
Post Graduate (3/2)
1st Pitfield’s Follyfield Fabrico: 18mth silver dapple dog, A really gay dog, clearly enjoying himself. Great head and really drove out on the move.
Limit ( 1/0)
1st Pitfield’s Luna Caprese D’Oroed Argento of Follyfield: 4yr silver dapple dog, sire of my two previous class winners, Great head and neck, coupled with sound drive and a level top line.
Open (6/3)
1st Phillips’ Summerview Yogi Bear JW: 2 1/2yr chocolate dog, Neat and compact, so sound throughout. Really drove out on the move, maintaining a level top line at all times. BOB
2nd Pitfield’s Follyfield Farley’s Fella: 5yr b/t dog, A very flashy looking young man who had excellent movement coupled with a level top line. RBOB

AV Standard Open Stakes (8/0)
1st MacDonald’s CH Bensarka Sarabi: 5yr red bitch, great lines and angulation coupled with super movement. Very well handled.
2nd Valentine’s Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz: 1yr b/t bitch, Lots in common with the winner but just lacked the drive of the above. However, has a very bright future.

Ian Smith Critique ECDA Open Show Nov 3rd 2019 – Standard Dachshunds & JH January 2, 2020

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I would like to thank the committee for giving me this opportunity to go over the three standard dachshund breeds. It was interesting to go over what should essentially be the same dog but all of the three breeds have their good and bad points which vary from breed to breed. I was very pleased to see that my main winners featured highly in the Best in Show judging. The show was very well run and there was an excellent sporting atmosphere round the rings. The only downside for the dogs was the flooring which did not allow them to move out as well as they undoubtedly could. My most difficult task was the unenviable judging between two great children in the junior handling class.

Wirehaired Dachshunds
Puppy: (2 entries, no absentees) 1. Phillips’ Tendrow Turns The Right Page, 11 month old red bitch, good harsh coat, nice almond shaped eye, pleasing feminine head, correct top line, good length of ribbing and bone, moved well BP (and BPIS) 2. Howe’s Bramalodge Blue Monday, 6 month old brindle dog, excellent harsh coat, decent length of neck, a little short in upper arm, good top and underlines, limited upper thigh and rear angulation, rather liked his tail but otherwise moved well, could not compete with a puppy almost twice his age, plenty of time for improvement.
Junior: (3,0) 1. Coverley’s Aventine Dolcetto, 17 month old brindle bitch, good harsh coat, feminine head, correct eye and ear set, good clearance, pleasing top and under lines, sufficient rear angulation, not quite enough front, moved well 2. Gibson’s Allfreys Matilda, 13 month old brindle bitch, good front, feminine head, good eye, good angles all round, correct top and underlines, moved well, just lost out on maturity 3. Clayton-Smith’s Cairparavel Kiss From A Rose
Yearling: (2,0) 1. Coverley’s Aventine Amarella, litter sister of junior winner, very feminine, excellent outlines, good front, correct shoulder angulation, decent length of neck, good clearance, tight feet, good movement 2. Clayton-Smith’s Cairparavel Lilac Wine, 18 month old brindle bitch, rather heavy in coat, good height/length ratio, pleasing head, not the length of neck of class winner, good top and under lines, decent length of ribbing, down on front pasterns, could lose a pound or two in weight, moved well
Post Graduate: (4,0) 1. Howe’s Bramalodge Betsy Button, two year old brindle bitch, well presented with harsh coat, nicely proportioned, maybe a bit heavy over the shoulders, moved with balance, best in class by far and not far off reserve placing 2. Clayton-Smith’s Cairparavel Lilac Wine, as above 3. Howe’s Kissdachs Bilbao At Bramalodge 4. Munday & Spalding’s Cishelvine Can’t Catch Me With Kubear
Limit: (3,1) 1. Chambers’ Cishelvine Just A Kiss With Hototo, 21 month old red dog, good head and eye, strong front, tight feet, good top line and ribbing, good rear angulation, so full of himself, strong and masculine, moved with verve, BoB 2. Chambers’ Tendrow I Am A Legend With Elderkine, three year old dark brindle bitch, ribbing could be longer, rather low to ground and carrying too much weight but good front and outlines, and moved well.
Open: (3,2) 1. Gibson’s Allfreys Helena, I have liked this two year old brindle bitch for some time, good harsh coat, excellent size and proportions, good front and tight shoulders, really well angulated, moved well with parallel rear action , but just a bit fidgety and not quite as composed as normal which lost her top spot in the challenge, RBoB

Longhaired Dachshunds
Puppy: (5,2) 1. Dare’s Swansford Gasperdor Darsoms, 10 month old black and tan dog, very masculine head, good eye, profuse coat, correct shoulders, decent length of neck, good front, top and underlines, tight feet, moved out well but not quite as much rear drive for perfection, BP (and RBPIS) 2. Booth Elsley’s Abbalongdat I Had A Dream, seven month old red dog, good length of coat, pleasing male head and eye, front angulation could be better, good top line, moved well and good rear movement but not so impressive coming towards 3. Booth Elsley’s Abbalongdat One Of Us
Junior: (3,0) 1. Johnson & Cross’ Wardax Angelica, 16 month old red bitch, good size, correct proportions, good length coat, feminine head, decent front, level top line, lacked ribbing (but not alone in this), moved reasonably well but rather close front and rear 2. Dare’s Larkhund Black Panther, 16 month old black & tan dog, profuse coat, on the large side, front not as good as class winner, good top and under lines, moved very much as class winner, preferred size of winner 3. Wedge’s Danton Fire Dancer At Dolans,
Yearling: (2,0) 1. Johnson & Cross’ Africandawns May Sonnet, 16 month old black and tan bitch, feminine head, good eye, decent front but lacked ribbing, moved well, a bit close behind but better coming to 2. Booth Elsley’s Abbalongdat Eagle, 17 month old red dog, masculine head, correct bite, good coat, nicely proportioned, reasonable front angulation, but rear drive rather limited maybe due to the flooring
Post Graduate: (5,1) 1. Paskins’ Bronia Final Kiss At Kindace, 18 month old black and tan bitch, good size, feminine head, decent front and shoulders if a bit low to ground, tight feet, good top line and moved out well 2. Wedge’s Faulksfollie Miss Minaver At Dolans, 17 month old shaded red bitch, feminine head and expression, good size, coat not profuse, tight feet, adequate ribbing but not as good as class winner and limited rear extension, moved well 3. Booth Elsley’s Romeo Rude To Abbalongdat 4. Paskins’ Cedavoch It’s Taboo At Kindace
Limit: (4,0) 1. Paskins’ Kindeace Scarlett O Hara, 22 month old shaded red bitch, good front, tight feet, adequate coat, could have done with a little more ribbing, good top and under lines, moved well 2. Johnson & Cross’ Africandawns Eileen Over, 19 month old shaded red bitch, rather fidgety, good size, decent front, length of ribbing could be better, moved well but not as well as class winner 3. Booth Elsley’s Raphaela Rude to Abbalongdat 4. Dimon’s Labbadax Inspiration For Dimerlin
Open: (8, 2) 1. Johnson & Cross’ Aficandawns Myles Long, 16 month old black & tan dog, good size, correct front, top and under lines, sufficient ribbing, tight feet, good rear angulation and moved out well, BoB 2. Paskins’ Territoria Lubvi Vesna At Kindeace, 16 month old red bitch, sufficient coat, very feminine head, good eye, decent front, good reach of neck, good lines throughout, adequate ribbing, limited rear angulation, moved well 3. Paskins’ Ch Abydachs Summer Dream At Kindeace ShCM 4. Wedge’s Peverleigh Autumnal Louis At Dolans 5. Borsuk & Fossett’s Baltic Legacy Via Amberteckel

Smoothhaired Dachshunds
Puppy: (6,0) 1. Norton’s Matzell Martinella, six month old red bitch, lovely feminine head and expression, good top and under lines, tight feet, good front and plenty of clearance, excellent reach of neck, moved very well BP & RBoB 2. MacDonoald’s Bensarka Limerick, seven month old correctly proportioned shaded red dog, good front, shoulders and angles, correct front and rear angulation, tight feet, moved well if a little nervous, unlucky to come up against class winner 3. Goffin-Thorogood’s Matzell Mazari 4. Taylor’s Dovestream Black Russian At Dachsinbull 5. Robertson’s Rijobeau Jack The Lad At Ravenwood
Junior: (1,0) 1. Valentine’s Amlida Tamora To Tiffwazz, 15 month old black and tan bitch, rather nervous disposition, reasonable front, good reach of neck, feminine head, good dark eye, level top line, tight feet, moved reasonably well if a little close fore and rear
Yearling: (2,2) —
Post Graduate: (3,1) 1. Chauhan’s Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput, lovely 12 month old black and tan bitch, very feminine head, correct eye, sufficient front, good clearance, tight feet, level top line, excellent rear angulation, moved well though rear needs to straighten a little, BoB 2. Cox’s Dovestream Nutella, two rear old chocolate dog, good proportions, strong front if a little on the heavy side and a little upright, good top and under lines, limited rear drive
Limit: (4,0) 1. Vaitekunaite’s Delvitae Luxury Mile, Two year old red bitch, good proportions and angulations throughout if somewhat on the larger side, level top line, good front and clearance, decent length of neck, tight feet, moved well but a little anxious 2. Goffin-Thorogood’s Matzell Milzani, two year old red dog, very masculine, good front, tight feet, reasonable length of ribbing, good top and under lines, moved out well 3. Seago and Gibbard’s Amlida Aston 4. Hall’s Bensarka Little White Dove
Open: (4,0) 1. Chauhan’s Wanderhund Viva Las Vegas, 18 month old black and tan dog, very masculine, strong front, decent reach of neck, good top and under lines, correct shoulders, tight feet, good rear angulation, moved with confidence 2. MacDonald’s Ch Bensarka I Like Twucks, three year old red bitch, very feminine head and expression, decent reach of neck, a bit short in upper arm, level top line, moved well 3. Norton’s Matzell Myrtle 4. Seago and Gibbard’s Amlida Spirit

Junior Handling
Junior Handling (6-10 years): Two very young handlers, neither of whom had great experience but who will hopefully take encouragement from what must have been quite a daunting experience in a large ring with many onlookers, 1. Maria Vaitekunaite, who followed advice and instructions and handled her dog very well and with some confidence. Whilst clearly not strong enough to place her dog on the table she nevertheless managed to set her dog correctly and then walked him calmly around the ring and did as asked, 2. Sam Smythe, who needs a little more training and did become a tad confused on a couple of occasions but nevertheless did not lose heart and carried on valiantly and walked his dog as asked.
Junior Handling (11-16 years): No entries

Laura Sexton AV Veteran, BIS and BPIS Critique December 4, 2019

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ECDA November 3rd 2019 Open Show
Many thanks for the invitation to judge BIS for this really friendly club. They have always put on a super event run by a very hard working committee.
AV Veteran:1. Mrs L Black’s CH Bassodon Westwood Brindle Mini Wire. Not showing his age. Great head correct eye shape and super ribbing. Fair coat and moved positively around the ring keeping his topline.
2. Mr & Mrs Paskins Ch. Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace ShCM Standard Long. A lovely girl and this was a close decision between one and two, She moved really well, in great coat lovely head and eye however today she was carry just a little too much weight.
3. Mrs Seago & Mr Gibbard’s CH. Amlida Dramatiker Standard Smooth.
BIS: T Johnson & L Cross Standard Long Africandawns Myles Long Black and tan young dog who was in stunning condition. A delight to go over, lovely head and expression with a nice dark eye. Excellent reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Moved beautifully coming and going also keeping a level topline in profile.
RBIS: Manish Chauhan’s Standard Smooth Adnerbs Take a Chance on Me at Raajput Black and tan girl, still only a baby just out of puppy. Lovely head and again a nice dark eye. Good length of ribbing and delightful temperament which contributed to her happy enthusiastic movement. Well muscled throughout which showed in her positive driving action. Has a bright future ahead.
BPIS: Valerie Phillips’s Standard Wire Tendrow Turns the Right Page. Red bitch with a great head correct ear set and nice dark eye adding to her lovely gentle expression. Good reach of neck and again nice set shoulders. Nice length of ribbing. Amazing coat and moved with drive both coming and going keeping her topline in profile.
RBPIS: Cindy Dare’s Standard Long Swansford Gasperdor Darsoms NAF Black and tan baby at his first show. Enjoying his day out moving confidently around the ring. Lovely head of correct shape with a nice arched neck into well laid shoulders.
Judge Laura Sexton

ECDA Prize Draw Winners – November 2019 November 8, 2019

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If you’re a member of our 60s Club, please check your numbers (below) for the prizes drawn at our Open Show last weekend.

If you’re not a member, contact Jon Hall to join. It’s £13 for 6 months. The top prize is £70 and there are 2 draws each year.

60s club 1119.jpg

KC launches JCF Survey: Make sure you have your say October 4, 2019

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The Kennel Club is hoping for a large response to its consultation on the Judges Competency Framework (JCF), the second phase of which has been launched in the form of a survey, it has been announced.

This along with the work of the JCF review panel, which has held two meetings to date, will inform the Board’s decisions on the future education and training of dog show judges.

The JCF review was formed as a result of a resolution passed at the Kennel Club AGM in May of this year that the JCF be placed on hold pending a complete assessment of the scheme by an independent review body.

Vivid Interface Research has been commissioned by the Kennel Club to carry out the consultation on its behalf, the first phase of which saw representatives from the company interviewing judges, exhibitors and officials at Richmond and Darlington championship shows in September. Representatives will give exhibitors and judges the opportunity to participate in the survey at South Wales championship show as well as Hitchin and Rugby open shows over the weekend of October 11 – 13.

The Kennel Club will be contacting as many judges and exhibitors as is possible via email in order to publicise the survey, which can be answered both online and by mail, and details will also be disseminated via the canine press and on social media.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Vivid Interface Research was employed previously by the Kennel Club more than five years ago when the Dog Show Promotion Working Party was gathering data about the dog world, so the Kennel Club is confident that the company already has a good understanding of how dog shows operate. We would urge as many people as possible to answer the survey, so we can get as clear a picture as possible of what exhibitors, officials and judges want when it comes to the education, approval and listing of judges. We owe it to future generations of dog show enthusiasts as well as to ourselves to get this right, so please have your say.”

The survey can be accessed online at http://bit.ly/JCFSurvey. The deadline for completing it is October 18 and paper copies are available on request from jcf@thekennelclub.org.uk or phone 01296 318540 and ask for the JCF team.


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