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Paul Hayes ECDA Open Show critique 3rd November 2019 – Miniature Dachshunds February 14, 2020

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Miniature Smooth Haired
Puppy (2/0)
1st Kent’s Lokmadi Catherine Wheel: 12mth b/t bitch, A lovely head, set on an elegant neck and with good front and rear angulation. Maintained a level top line when moving. This she did with sound drive. BP
2nd Mutton’s Montone Her Ladyship: 10mth red bitch, An elegant head and neck, moving with really drive but not holding a level top line consistently today. RBP
Junior (3/1)
1st Yeoman’s PinedaxMurcas Little Girl at Klynerbyner: 13mth chocolate bitch, a super size and construction but would like her a little more positive on the move. Maintained a level top line throughout.
2nd Watkinson’s My Boy Samson Lee: 12mth red dog, lovely proportions and movement but too big for my liking, but maintained a level top line with excellent drive.
Yearling (6/4)
1st Dare’s Darsoms Zoe: 19mth b/t bitch, From her classic head, through elegant neck and great angles front and rear, she was a great example of the breed. Level top line at all times and straight driving on the move.
2nd Edwards’ Little Glass Slipper: 19mth b/t bitch, A little too leggy for me but showed gooddrive on the move and maintained a level top line throughout.
Post Graduate (1/0)
1st Lewis’ Roonard Calendar Girl: 2 1/2yr b/t bitch, Great head with sound front and rear angles. Level top line but would like more drive when on the move.
Limit (9/1)
1st Startup’s Curtisey Head Gardener: 4yr red dog, spot on in every aspect. A great example of what a miniature should be, plus attitude, just lost out to the open winner by fractions. RBOB
2nd Lewis’ Ardenrun Maid of the Weald: 4yrs red bitch, another excellent breed specimen with little to fault. Just not driving to the extent of the class winner today.
Open (6/1)
1st Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Minimum: 6 1/2yr b/t bitch, super classy with everything I was looking for including the ability to show herself off on the move. BOB
2nd Mutton’s Poshpride Alfa Lady: 6yr b/t bitch, pushed the winner hard but was beaten on drive on the move. Would be a worthy winner on another day.

Miniature Wirehaired
Puppy (4/0)
1st Hopper’s Brynfaw I Wood Not Know: 7mth bitch, I wrote wow as my opening comment in my notes. She is so spot on as to, hopefully, be a star in the making and really happy to show herself off. BP and RBOB
2nd Grant’s Pennywave Percy at Granhoward: 7mth dog, larger stamp than the winner but also spot on in construction. Would have liked him to give me a bit more in the drive around the rind. RBP
Junior (3/2)
1st Black’s Lordscairnie Cauld Be Love: 17mth dog, soundly constructed with great drive and a level topline on the move. Just watch the weight.
Yearling (2/1)
1st MacFarlan’s Bassodon Minerva: 8mth bitch, Not flashy but so sound in construction and movement. Another to watch in the future.
Post Graduate (4/0)
1st Selley’s Ubu Fascinating Aida to Heleanne: 2yr bitch, So sound without being flashy. Excellent front and rear construction with so much balance on the move. BOB
2nd Hopper’s Brynfaw Ace of the Base: 2 ½ bitch, Half sister to my puppy winner, great character and lovely movement.
Limit (2/0)
1st Black’s Bassodon Dodecahedron JW: 3yr bitch, Would have liked a little more front but sound movement with a level top line.
2nd Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist: 10 1/2yr dog, Still strutting his stuff at this age but lacking the drive of the winner on the move.
Open (3/1)
1st MacFarlan’s Granhoward Lilly: 3yr bitch, A lovely stamp of bitch who showed herself at all times. Super level top line on the move.
2nd Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist. See comments above.
Miniature Longhaired.
Puppy (2/1)
1st Johnson & Cross Liric Gin and Tonic: 11mth red bitch, So sound throughout with much femininity, but I would like to see more drive if I judge her in the future, BP
Junior (6/3)
1st Johnson’s Africandawns Magdelena: 18mth red bitch, soundly constructed and with a lovely,level top line on the move but would like a little more drive. Shown in top condition.
2nd Webba’s Blue Begin Tilly in a Tea Cup: 15mth red bitch, Very femine bitch but a little unsure of herself. With more work, she will improve and show herself much better.
Yearling (4/3)
1st Pitfield’s Follyfield Farfalla: 18mth chocolate dapple bitch, In super condition and moved with drive and a level topline. Loved her head and neck.
Post Graduate (3/2)
1st Pitfield’s Follyfield Fabrico: 18mth silver dapple dog, A really gay dog, clearly enjoying himself. Great head and really drove out on the move.
Limit ( 1/0)
1st Pitfield’s Luna Caprese D’Oroed Argento of Follyfield: 4yr silver dapple dog, sire of my two previous class winners, Great head and neck, coupled with sound drive and a level top line.
Open (6/3)
1st Phillips’ Summerview Yogi Bear JW: 2 1/2yr chocolate dog, Neat and compact, so sound throughout. Really drove out on the move, maintaining a level top line at all times. BOB
2nd Pitfield’s Follyfield Farley’s Fella: 5yr b/t dog, A very flashy looking young man who had excellent movement coupled with a level top line. RBOB

AV Standard Open Stakes (8/0)
1st MacDonald’s CH Bensarka Sarabi: 5yr red bitch, great lines and angulation coupled with super movement. Very well handled.
2nd Valentine’s Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz: 1yr b/t bitch, Lots in common with the winner but just lacked the drive of the above. However, has a very bright future.

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