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Clare Butler’s Critique – June 2019 Open Show June 5, 2019

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Eastern Counties Dachshund Association
2nd June 2019
Critique for All Standard Dachshunds/JH and AV Min.

Firstly may I take this opportunity of thanking ECDA for inviting me to judge at their show. I must make a comment here, that it was the best run Open Show that I have been asked to judge. The atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming and people were actually applauding the winners from around the ringside – which nowadays is lacking in a lot of shows. Thank you also to the exhibitors for giving me the chance to judge their dogs.

Only a few issues in the entries – Std longs with ear and trouser knots and the movement in some of the Std smooths was rather random. However those remarks aside I was very pleased with the entries – with some fabulous dogs/bitches.
Please note ALL classes are Dog/Bitch


PUPPY 5 (1ab)
1ST Larkhund Black Panther Darsoms (IKC) – Mrs C Dare.
Quality Black and Tan dog – 10 months – Lovely shape and outline. Very masculine head, lovely almond eye and expression. Good reach of neck flowing into laid back shoulders. Superb length of ribbing, with a strong loin. Lovely straight coat, in excellent condition. Good rear angulation which led to strong movement. Flowed around the ring, with purpose and drive. Shown in excellent condition, a young man with fabulous ring presence, owning the ring on his entry. BOB BPIB
2nd Danton Fire Dancer at Dolans – Mr M Wedge.
8 month old shaded red bitch , lovely almond eye, with soft feminine expression. Nice reach of neck with good shoulder placement. Nice length of rib and good rear angulation – moved well around the ring. RBPIB
3rd Africandawns Betty Cant at Melminds.

JUNIOR 4 (2ab)
1st Africandawns Justin N Time for Melminds – Ms M Chapman.
Shaded red dog of good type. Masculine head with correct eye and ear placement. Prominent forechest with level topline. Good length of ribbing – moved well with drive.
2nd Abbalongdat Under Attack – Mrs A and Mr I Booth Elsey.
Nice red bitch with feminine expression and good eye. Lower type than one – nice length of rib with strong loin. Nice rear angulation. Unfortunately this young lady picked up an injury and was unable to give her best movement today.

YEARLING 2 (1ab)
1st Abbalongdat Eagle – Mrs A and Mr I Booth Elsey.
Very nice red dog with a true masculine head. Correct bite, almond eye and good length or ear. Strong neck and correct shoulder placement. Nice length of rib – a dog who is fit for function – moved true with drive. RBOB

1st Romeo Rude to Abbalongdat (Imp LTU) – Mrs A and Mr I Booth Elsey.
Shaded red dog of taller type. Lovely head and eye. Good reach of neck with strong shoulders. Nice length of rib with good coat covering. Moved well.
2nd Lilia Rose at Damai – Mrs J and Mrs B Sutton & Pankhurst.
Lovely dark shaded red bitch – 3yrs old. Feminine head with soft expression – Good reach of neck, nice shoulder placement with level topline – covered the ground well.
3RD Faulksfollie Miss Minaver at Dolans

LIMIT 4 (2ab)
1st Raphaela Rude to Abbalongdat (Imp LTU) – Mrs A and Mr I Booth Elsey.
2 year old Red bitch, lovely feminine conical head. Almond eye and correct ear placement. Nice reach of neck flowing into correct shoulder placement. Nice rear angulation – moved well.
2nd Melminds Zsylvester ShCM – Ms M Chapman
Lovely 6 ½ year old dog in good condition. Nice tight feet, prominent forechestc good length of ribbing – with correct rear angulation. Moved well coming and going covering the ground with purpose – close decision.

OPEN 5 (1ab)
1st Darsoms Zocratees – Mrs C Dare
Shaded red dog – typical from this kennel – Well balanced lad, masculine head –but soft expression. Good front, length of neck and shoulder placement. Super coat in fab condition. True movement – flowed around the ring. A pleasure to judge.
2ndBonavoir Ermintrude – S & R Burke & Manston
Nice red bitch – lower to the ground than 1. Feminine head and eye – good length of rib. Good rear angulation – moved well.


1ST Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz – Mrs K Valentine
Black and tan bitch – lovely conical head, feminine with super almond eye. Lovely correct length or ribbing and loin. Correct size – height to length. Good rear angulation which gave strong driving movement around the ring. BPIB
2nd Kiersha in the Limelight – S L Alton
Black and Tan bitch – femine head and eye. Good length of neck and rib – held topline on the move – lower to ground than 1.
3rd Bonavoir Murdoch – S & R Burke & Manston

1ST Hans Solo – Miss K and Mr J Armstrong and Clements
Wild boar dog – Super head and eye – very soft expression. Nice length of neck and nice length of rib. Movement not so good – think the heat got to him.


1ST Tiffwazz Robin – Mrs K Valentine
Black and Tan bitch – very feminine. Prominent fore chest – well laid back shoulder placement with length of ribbing. Nice rear angulation. Little unsettled on the move – due to hormones.
2nd Kiesha All That Jazz – S L Alton
Very nice dog – masculine conical head. Lovely almond eye. Good length of rib and loin. Very full of himself today. Just preferred the front movement of 1
3rd Bensarka Little White Dove – Mrs C Hall

LIMIT 4 (1ab)
1st Matzell Malizani – Mrs Goffin-Thorogood
Red dog of nice type. Conical head – good bite. Nice length of neck with good fore chest. Tight feet. Nice length of rib – covered the ground well. RBOB
2nd Kiersha Futures Dream – S L Alton
Black and tan bitch – feminine head with soft expression. Nice reach of neck and well placed shoulders – lower than 1. Moved well.
3rd Bensarka Little White Dove – Mrs C Hall

OPEN 3 (1ab)
1st Marshwick Black Duchess – S & R Burke & Manston
Beautiful bitch will super ring presence. Correct proportion, feminine head with almond eye. Good feet, well placed shoulders. Lovely length of rib and loin. Superb hind angulation. Lovely all round package. BOB


PUPPY 4 (0)
1ST Alfreys Matilda – Miss C Gibson
Lovely bitch pup, soft expression. Good head and eye, lovely neck and shoulders…the complete package with character. Moved well BPIB RBPIS
2nd Derochaise Vincenzo Di Braego – Mr P Osbourne
Brindle dog with a lovely masculine head. Nice length of neck and well placed shoulders. Good harsh coat – larger type than 1, fit for function – and moved well
3rd Atahira Mocha Surprise for Brontillow

1st Cishelvine Just a Kiss with Hototo – Miss C Chambers
Red boy – super head and length of neck – well ribbed. Good rear angulation, moved with good drive.
2nd Calicoe Thank God Its Friday – Mrs P J Langridge
Red dog, good head and eye. Would have preferred more body on him – but saying that, nice length of ribbing and nice angulation. Moved well.
3rd Aventine Dolcetto – Mrs L Coverley

1st Aventine Amarela – Mrs L Coverley
Lovely head and expression. Nice length of neck flowing into good shoulders. Ccorrect length with a correct harsh coat. Covered the ground well.


1st Tendrow Black Pearl with Hototo – Miss C Chambers
WOW – what a beautiful example of this breed. 2 yr old black and tan bitch. What is there not to like. Correct size…good head – shoulders – length of rib and rear angulation correct. Moved like a star – harsh coat – definitely fit for function… BOB and RBIS


6 – 10 YRS
1st Grace Westow – age 10.
A young lady certainly at one with her dog. Well handled on the table. Listened to my requests when moving and was also aware when I moved in the ring – a super handler for the future.. Best Junior Handler in show.
2nd Shannon Hedgecock – age 9
A young lady again who paid a lot of attention to her little dog. Not quite as confident with her handling – but very attentive with the dog. Experience will come with age…another lady to watch develop.
3rd Skye Offer – age 8
This young lady had a little dog – who wasn’t feeling it today. He had hurst his leg slightly and no matter how much persuasion was not going to play ball – a little more concentration needed and again…one to watch.

11 – 16 1 (1)


1st Ch Enem Gloria Sunshine JW ShCM – Mrs M M Dance
I have always loved this little bitch – and she just oozes ring presence. Correct to the breed standard …what more can I say…. She owns the ring as soon as she appears – a pleasure to judge.
2nd Follyfield Farleys Fella – Mrs J Pitfield
4 yr old mini long dog – good forechest, tidy feet. Good lay of shoulder with a nice length of rib and loin. Nice rear angulation which allowed him to cover the ground well.

Finally, I was overwhelmed that my Std Long Best of Breed went BIS and BPIS and that my Std wire was RBIS – and my std wire puppy was RBPIS. Thank you to Gisele Taylor for agreeing with my judging.

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