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ECDA Open Show critique from Deryck Player 3rd June 2018 June 11, 2018

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Eastern Counties Dachshund Association
Open Show
June 3rd 2018

I would like to thank the officers, committee & exhibitors for making my day very enjoyable. All the exhibits was presented in good clean condition.
Dachshund Standard (Smooth)
Puppy: 1
1st Balazs-Hirt’s, Gravelous Rogue One, 6 month old B/Tan bitch, feminine head with good eye shape, good length of neck, good front construction, good feet, nice rear quarters, in good coat, a little erratic on the move, will settle as she matures.
Junior: 1
1st Balazs-Hirt’s, Gravelous Abraca dabra, Litter sister to the winner of the puppy class, Red bitch, classic head, correct bite with a strong jaw, long muscular neck, well ribbed up, nice rear quarters moved well.
Yearling: 1
1st Hall’s, Bensarka Little White Dove, nice feminine B/Tan bitch, good head & eye shape, thorax full & oval, good neck running into well placed shoulders, correct front construction, well – muscled giving her enough ground clearance to allow for free movement which she used to her advantage on the move. RBOB
Post Grad: 3
1st Hall’s, Bensarka Little White Dove.
2nd Balentine’s, Tiffwazz Robin, B/Tan bitch, pleasing head, correct eye shape, dark eye, well balanced, good shape & length of breastbone with good ground clearance, good rear quarters, good mover.
3rd Wood’s, Morailsas Wizards Spell.
Limit: 3
1st Blalazs-Hirt’s, Colocensis Rex Mister at Gravelous (IMP HUN), Red dog, Lovely masculine head, correct eye shape, long muscular neck leading into well placed shoulders, good in upper arm, correct shape & length of breastbone, good feet, well ribbed up, good rear quarters, moved with ease.
2nd Norton’s, Matzell Myrtle, Another quality red bitch, Feminine head, good neck, well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm , parallel mover, close decision between 1 & 2.
3rd Goffin-Thorogood’s, Matzell Malizani.
Open: 4 (2a)
1st Peruval’s, Matzell Maelle, Quality bitch B/Tan, super head, correct eye shape & dark eye, correct dentition, long muscular slightly arched neck leading into good shoulders, well ribbed up, loins strong & short, powerful rear quarters, thorax full & oval, correct shape & length of breastbone, excellent feet, balanced, covered the ground well on the move. BOB
2nd Taylor’s, Dovestream Showing Off at White Webbs, 8 month old Chocolate baby full of quality, super head, eye shape, correct neck running into good shoulders, lovely hind quarters, confident on the move. BP
Dachshund Standard (Wire)
Puppy: 4 (2a)
1st Gibson’s, Allfreys Helena, 9 month old quality bitch, super head proportions, correct eye shape, long muscular neck flowing into well placed shoulders, correct angulation in upper arm, forelegs correctly placed at the lowest part of the keel, free flowing movement, nice to go over. BP & RBOB.
2nd Seath’s, Sunsong Keep A Promise, Another quality puppy, 8 months old, who has many of the virtues as my winner & could easily change places on another day, on the day I just preferred the movement on 1.
Junior: 2 (1a)
1st Hornby’s, Derochaise Miss Dior With Jacmist, Feminine head & eye shape, correct bite, long muscular neck leading into correct shoulders, nicely balanced, good rear angulation, good feet, moved well coming & going.
Yearling: 2 (1a)
1st Gibson’s, Tendrow As Time Goes By, Another nice bitch, showing a lot of quality, excellent neck, well ribbed back to firm loin, good hind quarters, parallel movement, with correct ground clearance.
Limit: 2 (1a)
1st Gibson’s, Allfreys London Look, This boy has got a lot of quality about him, Lovely masculine head, long muscular neck leading into well lay of shoulders, well proportioned body, good feet, powerful hindquarters, good moving hound.
Open: 4 (1a)
1st Gibson’s, Here’s Looking At You, This boy caught my eye when entering the ring, oozing in quality, well balanced, super head & furnishings, strong muscular neck flowing into correct shoulder placement, excellent angles front & rear, excellent feet & correct ground clearance, good harsh coat, long free flowing movement. BOB & pleased to say BIS.
2nd Seath’s & Hjelmtvedt, NOR CH Gando Av Larhjelm (IMP NOR), Feminine head, correct eye shape & dentition, good neck, well ribbed back to firm loin & rear quarters, another good mover.
3rd Moore & Malecka, Ex Sentia Devil’s Advocate (IMP POL).
Dachshund Standard (Long-Hair)
Puppy: 6 (2a)
1st Dare’s, Darsoms Zocratees, 10 month old red dog, shown in tip top condition, correct head proportions & eye shape, good neck leading into correctly placed shoulders, correct shape & length of breastbone, well ribbed up, strong in loin, correct ground clearance with good feet, free flowing movement. BP RBOB & BPIS.
2nd Johnson’s, Africandawns Night Trooper, Another nice puppy, Red boy a lot to like about him, 6 month old, nice masculine head, good neck & shoulders, well angled front & rear, well ribbed up, just preferred the movement on 1 on the day.
3rd Wedge’s, Peverleigh Autumnal Louis at Dolans.
Junior 5
1st Fossett’s, Brysdax Coco Mademoiselle, Quality Red bitch, lovely feminine head, correct eye shape, scissor bite, nicely balanced, well ribbed up, lovely outline going round.
2nd Marks, Labbadax Lewisville Texas, 10 month old dog shown in good condition, close up to my winner, good keel, correct ground clearance, excellent feet & rear quarters, another good mover.
3rd Wedge’s, Faulksfollie Miss Minaver at Dolans.
Yearling: 2
1st Wood’s, Faulksfollie Lord Fontaroy, B/Tan dog, just over 12 months, good head proportions, well balanced, well ribbed up moved with purpose.
2nd Booth Elsley, Raphaela Rude to Abbalongdat (IMP LTU), Red dog, pleasing head, correct shape & length of breastbone, nice rear quarters, moved well.
Post Grad: 6 (1a)
1st Booth Elsley, Romeo Rude to Abbalongdat (IMP LTU), nice red dog, presented in good coat, good overall balance, correct head proportions & eye shape, well ribbed up going into strong loins, good moving hound.
2nd Marks, Labbadax Latimer Kansas, Still a puppy, red dog shown in good coat, well made front, nicely ribbed up, good strong quarters, moved well.
3rd Dimon, Labbadax Inspiration for Dimerlin.
Limit: 2
1st Marks, Labbadax Kiton, Red boy shown in excellent coat, correctly proportioned head, long slightly arched muscular neck, well ribbed up, strong rear quarters, free flowing movement.
2nd Hagan, Borsuk & Fossett, Baltic Legacy Via Amberteckel, Pleasing feminine head all in proportion, correct eye shape & ear set, well ribbed up, moved with ease, close decision between 1 & 2.
Open: 3
1st Johnson’s, Africandawns Rumour Rumble, Red dog, shown in tip top condition, super head all in proportion, long muscular neck slightly arched flowing into well place shoulders, correct in upper arm, good keel, fore arm short & strong in bone, correct top line, well ribbed up, correct ground clearance, free flowing movement, parallel mover coming and going, lovely example of the breed. BOB
2nd Dare’s, Darsoms Zamson, Also another very nice dog, well presented & in good coat, well balanced, good front & rear angles, powerful rear quarters, excellent feet, covered the ground well on the move.
3rd Marks & Johnson’s, Africandawns Night Hawk.
Junior Handling: 6 to 10 years
All there young ladies presented & handled their dogs well!
1st Jaymie – Lee Hedgecock age 10.
2nd Shannon Hedgecock age 8.
3rd Skye Offer age 7.
AV Miniature Open Stakes: 7
1st Fossett’s, Lokmadi A Boy Named Sue JW SHch, B/Tan dog smooth, masculine head, good neck going into correct shoulders, well ribbed up, good rear quarters, excellent mover.
2nd Dimon, Indyvic Enchanted Onyx, B/Tan bitch smooth, nicely balanced, good keel, nice quarters, parallel mover.
3rd Morris’s, Pennywave Top Totti JW SHch.

Judge: Deryck Player (Lyndex)

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