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Mary Murphy’s November 2017 Open Show Critique December 22, 2017

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Standard Longhaired

Puppy 2:0

1 Clarkes Tekalhaus Diamond Life. Promising puppy. Nice head and reachy neck to good chest and ribbing. Moved positively. B.P

2 Fossetts Brysdax Coco Mademoiselle. Less mature than 1. Another good head and neck to sound front assembly. Good driving movement.

Junior 2:1

1 Fossetts Brysdax Chanel Number Five. Just needs time to mature. Very good ribbing and level topline which she kept on the move.

Yearling 1:0

1 Fossett and Hagans Baltic Legacy via Amberteckel. Another promising youngster for the breed. Strong head, reachy neck, good front and shoulder placement.

Postgraduate 1:0

1 Marks Labbadax Kiton. Strong masculine head, nice front and chest, firm topline which he held on the move. Res B.O.B

Limit 2:1

1 Dimons Labbadax Inspiration for Dimerlin. Masculine dog, strong head, nice forechest and front. Good lengthy ribbing.

Open 5:1

1 Burke and Manstons Wardax Indian Summer Bonavoir. Lovely dog, Good head, neck and front assembly. Lengthy ribbing, solid topline, good hind angulation leading to excellent movement. B.O.B

2 Marks and Johnsons Africandawns Nighthawk. Masculine but elegant dog. Good front and chest assembly. Moved out well.

3 Woods Rogermardax Jack Spratt.

Standard Wirehaired

Puppy 1:0

1 Gibsons Tendrow As Time Goes By. Very much a baby. Good head and neck, nice length of ribbing, moved out with drive and enthusiasm.

Junior 3:0

1 Phillips Tendrow I Am What I Am. Most mature in class. Pleasing head and eye, good prosternum and front. Kept topline steady on move.

2 Gibsons Allfreys London Look. Another baby but very promising. Solid bone, good ribbing and topline. Moved very well. Went onto Best Puppy in Show. B.P

3 Stockdales Fenwires Limited Edition.

Yearling 0

Post Graduate 1:1

Limit 0

Open 4:0

1 Moore and Maleckas Am Gr Ch/J Ch Pol/Pol Ch Ex Sentia Devil’s Advocate. Eye catching dog. Good bone and proportions, masculine head, well made front to good topline. Sound drive from back. Best movement in class. B.O.B

2 Normans Silvae Klasman. Another nice dog with good head and expression. Lengthy ribbing to good rear end. Positive drive and movement. Res B.O.B.

3 Phillips Tendrow Time ‘N’ Time Again.

Standard Smoothhaired

Puppy 0

Junior 2:0

Two similar bitches who could change places on other days.

1 Lucas’ Viewmore Happy Days. Good outline, nice head, sound chest and prosternum. Won on movement on the day.

2 Halls Bensarka Little White Dove. Good overall proportions, another nice outline and topline. Just a bit unsettled on the move today.

Yearling 1:0

1 Goffin-Thorogoods Matzell Malizani Liked this dog a lot. Good bone, correct head and reach of neck leading to sound front and firm topline. Moved so well with real drive. B.O.B

Post Graduate 2:0

1 Matzell Malizani

2 Lucas’ Cwmdarhian Summer Nights. Lower to ground than winner, Good ribbing and topline,

Limit 5:1

1 Lucas’ Cwmdarhian Red To Tango. Good head and neck, lengthy ribbing, solid topline. Best mover in class. Res B.O.B.

2 Nortons Matzell Myrtle. Similar to 1, with typical head and good neck. Nice outline, just less confident in movement today.

3 Valentines Morailsa Secret Script Tiffwazz

Open 3:1

1 Burke and Manstons Nulli Secunder. Nice bitch with feminine head, sound front, good ribbing to well angulated rear. Won class on her strong driving movement.

2 Starkeys Carpaccio Jasper from Hamoura. Another pleasing head, neck and front, nice chest and prosternum. Just did not drive out so confidently on the day.

A.V. Miniature Open Stakes 15:7

1 Brooks’ Ch Lyndarlea Just Andy. Shaded cream miniature long haired. Lovely head and expression, good shoulder placement, level topline which he kept at all times. Drove out so well.

2 Morris’ Pennywave Uptown Girl. Neat, compact little miniature wire haired. Good chest, front and ribbing, kept topline on move, moved out well from sound rear end.

3 Fossets Lokmadi A Boy Named Sue.

Junior Handling (6-11)

1 Skye Offer. A really good little handler of just 6 years old. Skye showed her dog with both confidence and empathy. She also smiled the entire time, what a good prospect for the future. Well done Skye.

Mary Murphy.

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