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ECDA Open Show 28th May 2017 Marion Hunt’s critique June 9, 2017

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Judges report for the Miniature Dachshunds at the Eastern Counties Dachshund Association Open Show held on 28th May 2017.
A lovely run show with a garden party atmosphere in the sunshine and a good steward. I found no bad mouths and all dogs were presented well and all had acceptable heads and black toe nails. Some of the classes were challenging.

MWH P. (3,1) 1. Crow’s Martinks Drives You Dotty, well balanced pup of 9 mths. Nice head with good pigmentation and well set ears. Harsh coat and moving well. 2. Smith’s Creme De La Creme Sandra Buttock (imp) Slightly larger B of 10 mths. Good pigmentation and moving well from well muscled quarters. J (1,0) 1. Flower’s Vostock Zapad Viking for Bingobongo 10 mths bl/t of 10 mths, correct head with well shaped eye set on a good length of neck and well placed shoulders with prominent sternum. Level topline, harsh coat and moving well BP. Y(0) PG (5,1) A close decision. 1. Crow’s Compania Pandora Mature bitch of 3 1/2. Nicely constructed B with pretty head, good coat, well knuckled feet and moving well. 2. Morris’ Pennywave Uptown Girl JW. Nice headed b of 2 ½, good length of neck leading to well held topline and good tailset, coat harsh to touch, not quite the scope in movement of 1. 3. Ward-Blower’s Willowmist Brown Sugar. L. (2,0) 1. Morris’ Stargang Quintina at Pennywave Well balance girl of 5 yrs. Correct head leading to good length of neck and well laid shoulders and length of upper arm. Firm topline and well set on tail. Well knuckled feet, good pigmentaion and excellent harsh jacket. Exhibiting a good sternum and rib cage. Striding out on the move RBOB 2. Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist. Nice head and good shoulder. Well muscled quarters and wiry coat, at 8 yrs old a credit to her owner. O (2,0) 1. Morris’ Pennywave Top Totti JW ShCM . Lovely correct coated b.of 3years. Very well blanced. Everything fitting together with no sharp angles, your eye just flows over this girl from the tip of her nose to tip of her tail, firm topline and well set tail, moved with a free and easy reach and drive . In a nice entry a stand out winner. BOB. I later heard I had given her Group 2 at a show last year and she has gained letters after her name . 2. W. Painted Black at W.

MSH P. (8,1) 1. Wyeth’s Danton Cappuccino Ch/cream dog, nice head and good reach of neck, level topline, well bodied and good feet. Moving well. Well formed sternum and good ribbing. BP 2. Salisbury’s Brocklewood Black Orchid Bl/t lovely head, good reach of neck, level strong topline and well muscled quarters, liked her a lot, went close but carrying her tail a little high on the day. 3. Hicks’ Phoenie’s Lacrimosa Requiem. J. (6,1) 1. Salisbury’s B. Black Orchid. As previously stated liked this b and in this class got her tail carriage under more control to take this class. 2. Bullis’ Goodtry Ruby Tuesday at Amaffrey, well proportions shaded red, lovely neck and front assembly, well bodied up and good well muscled quarters. 3. West’s Archidax Betty Boop. Y. (3,0) 1. Barrett’s Star’s Tori Great Joy (Imp Ukr) 16 mth brindle d in good condition with nice head leading to good length of neck and shoulder and upper arm. Well muscled quarters which he used well on the move. Firm level topline. All standing on well knuckled feet. 2. Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Match Bl/t b, Good underline on this girl, Angulation in front and back assembles not quite matching therefore movement not quite as good as the winner. Pretty head with correct shaped eye. 3. Yeoman’s Klynerbyner Trademark. PG (6,0)1. Muggleton’s Mosiarto Mister Valentino, Shaded red d. Very well balanced and good moving young man. Nice head with good pigmentation, well ribbed. Correct ration height to length. 2. Hemming’s Clipperdown Gipsy Woman Bl/t Good head and length of neck, was feeling the heat a bit and not putting her best foot forward. 3. Watkinson’s Manakoora Glow. L (7,2) 1. Dimon’s Indyvis Enchanted Onyx presented a well balanced outlook. Correct head leading strong neck and good shoulder. Well ribbed. Level firm topline, well muscled quarters. Moving true from all angles. 2. Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Minimum. Similar remarks to 1, a bit longer in body and losing topline a bit on the move. Correctly proportioned head and excellent keel. 3. Watkinson’s Manakoora Kharna. O. (9,1) Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Calculate, another nice one from this kennel. Shaded red b. Excellant construction and moving very true. Nice head and reachy neck, very good shoulder and upper arm and correct sternum and ribbing. Level topline and short hocks giving her the necessary drive. BOB. 2. Barrett’s Ch Ayseebee Rumour has It. Very close up to winner. Similar remarks apply. Nice head and good eye, going well but hind action not quite as good as winner going away. . RBOB 3. 3. Manakoora Arookanam

MLH P. (3,0) 1. McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Lucamac. Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring and found nothing untoward to change that view. Cream d in full coat despite his young age. Expressive expression with a good eye, reachy neck flowing into good shoulder and level topline. moving well from all angles. carried his tail correctly. well bodied up and well muscled. held his topline well, good body proportions. Showed a forechest with dimples and good ribbing. Could find nothing to beat him BP, BOB & RBPIS. Be interesting to see how he goes on. 2. Mccarthy’s Nagshall Santa Amelia shaded cream b. from the same stable as the winner with several of his attributes but less mature . pretty head with dark pigmentation, good bone and feet. 3. Brook’s Lyndaria Speckled Hen. J. (3,0)1. McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Be Lucky Litter sister to the puppy winner Lovely well balanced cream with correct height to length, slightly different head shape to her sibling. Promising. 2. Mortlock’s Metadale Anastasia at Hertsmerry Shaded red with nice head, good length of neck leading to good shoulder and level topline. Well knuckled feet. Good muscling. I would think the heat was getting to her as she wasnt putting much into her movement. 3. McCarthy’s Nagshall Danny Mac. Y. (5,0) 1. Brook’s Lyndarlea Vienna Red b. Lovely outline, good head, neck and shoulder. Well muscled quarters, moving well and gleaming with condition. Prefferred the head. 2. Wyeth’s Inkums Miss Vivian 2 ½ b. Good bone, well bodied, again a little sluggish on the move. 3. McCarthy’s Nagshall Port Alice JW . PG (4,0) 1. Pitfield’s Luna Caprese D’Oreo D’Argento of Follyfield imp. Dapple. This dog has to gone over to appreciate his virtues as he has masses of hair on his front end making him look front end heavy, but it is just that – coat. Under the coat there is a nice Dachshund of well balanced proportions trying to get out!! Nice head and firm body, good depth of chest with good ribbing. Moving well and standing on good feet. 2. Green’s Neetanauf Lucia Rijker Bl/t, nice head of good shape well muscled quarters and moving well. 3. McCarthy’s Nagshall Port Au Prince JW . L. (2,0) 1. Pitfield’s Follyfield Farley’s Fella Bl/t d. Again the coat deceives a bit, but good to go over, Masculine head without being overdone. Correct dimpled sternum, Well bodied with firm level topline and carried himself well on good feet. RBOB. 2. Brooks Lyndarlea Just Andy. Cream, a bit lower to the ground than the winner. Good well groomed coat, nice head and well help topline. O. (3,0) 1. Pitfield’s Follyfield Filamena 4 yr b. Good shoulder and firm level topline. Good bone and feet. Well muscled up and good stifles. Moving well from all angles. 2. Brook’s Obdax Lynn’s Badger JW 3 yr old dapple. Lovely head, well ribbed up and firm body. Fit and well muscled. 3. Green’s Neertanauf Jack Jones. AV Dachshund Open Stakes 1. Wand’s Wanderhund Scarlet Witch. Smooth 2. Sutton & Pankhurst’s L/H 3. Fossett’s Baltic Legacy via Amberteckel L/H.
Marion Hunt (Judge)

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