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Carol Daykin Critque ECDA CH Show 1/11/15 November 4, 2015

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EDCA CHAMP SHOW 1ST NOVEMBER 2015 Standard wires my first timeto award CC s in these guys hand although the entry was not big in numbers it was big in quality…temperaments were superb as were coats. Movement was mixed. A few mouths were a bit tight but none were over or undershot. A well run show with lovely ribbons and gifts. Judge Carol Daykin PUPPY DOG 1st BELLAMYS VEENAN ONYX RESETINGOLD AT GARJAY 10 mth chap with a great coat. He has a masculine head leading on to a lengthy neck and well assembled shoulders. He moved out very well and maintained a goodprofile BPD. JUNIOR DOG 1st VINES DEROCHAISE JUSTIFIED AT CISHELVINE 16 mth brindle who sports a good head with correct dentition. Deep keel but a little loose in his shoulder..great ribs leading on to well angulated quarters which he used well on the move POST GRADUATE DOG1st LANDRIDGE TENDROW ELBERTA 22mth boy who did not help his handler due to his happy nature. A bit loose all through and his mouth is a bit tight. However he has very good ribs and a hard coat LIMIT DOG 1stPHILLIPS WIRETAP HERE I AM (IMP) very lovely red who at 20 mths ticked alot of boxes attractive head with lengthy neck..correct front assembly with a good pro sternum well rounded ribs leading on to powerful quarters and he maintained a good profile at all times 2nd MEASE BAREMBAK VAGA BOND brindle chap who has good qualities attractive head and expression with lengthy nech leading to a correct front assembly.. well rounded ribs and moved out with parallel movement fore and aft OPEN DOG 1ST PHILLIPS TENDROW REPLAYED IN BLUE I first saw this dog as a youngster and admired him then I was not disappointed with him either on the table or moving. A very appealing head and expression he has a wonderful construction a hard coat and was very true fore and aft.. top drawer typy, happy, lovely boy DOG CC and BOB 2nd MOORE and COVERLY CHAMPION EX SENTIA IM JAMES BOND 7 yrs chap who does not look like a veteran a beautiful type of hound who sports a harsh jacket he has a good front assembly and deep well rounded ribs… strong quarters he moved out with the correct carriage and maintained a good profile Res CC 3rd SEATHS ZLOWFOX AV LARHJELM AT SUNSONG (imp nor) Bitches PUPPY BITCH A class of mixed types 1st PHILLIPS TENDROW TIME N TIME AGAIN 7 mth baby who I loved, she is very well put together with a correct front assembly good ribs ..she has strong quarters for a baby and her movement was strong and steady a happy little person BPIB and Res bitch CC 2nd NEWMANS BAREMBAK DELLAMARIE dark coated girl who has some lovely qualities..not quite as tight in front as one but still very raw…pretty head and expression and she moved out with style a well balanced baby 3rd SEATHS SUNSONG WISH ME LUCK JUNIOR 1STVINES CISHELVINE CARELESS WHISPER this young lady has just hit junior.well constructed with a good pro sternum and tight elbows.. she maintained a level backline and she used her strong quarters well on the move.. promising youngster 2nd GIBSON ALLFREYS ROSABAYA an attractive girl who again is very well put together..beautifully presented with a good coat correct front assembly and deep ribs.. today I preferred the quarters of one 3rd PHILLIPS TENDROW A PAGE IN TIME POST GRADUATE 1ST VINES GRAVETYE KISS ME KATE CISHELVINE a red girl with appeal. She has a good front assembly coming from an attractive head and decent neck good length and well angulated quarters..she is alittle soft in her topline moved out with parallel action 2nd CLAYTON .SMITH BOLORIAS APRIL FOOL well handled girl who again has agood construction.enough neck leading on to a deep pro sternum well rounded ribs and strong quarters she moved out with style 3rdBATES andMAES JONES DEROCHAISE FROSTED ORCHID LIMIT BITCH 1ST PHILLIPS HOTOTO SWELLIGANT GAL AT TENDROW top drawer girl again from this kennel quality all through beautiful head with lengthy neck tight and correct front deep and well rounded ribs powerful quarters which she used on the move..parallel both fore and aft BITCH CC 2nd DAVIES TENDROW JUIE DE VIVRE BY ATAHIRA another bitch of quality and of a high standard very wellput together and handled to advantage she moved out with strength and style 3rd GIBSONS ALLFREYS STERNCHEN ALRISHA OPEN BITCH 1st SEATHS SUNSONGS PINE NUT beautiful brindle who is correctly made and presents alovely profile.. great pro sternum and tight fitting elbows..deep ribs and well angulated quarters unfortunately today her hind movement was not as true as the principle winners 2nd MOORE AND DOWNS AVATINE MY COUSIN RACHEL a quality girl with many attributes presented and handled to advantage correct front assembly strong backlineand strong quarters which she used on the move today I just prefered the depth of one

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