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Ann Shelton’s Critique ECDA CH Show 01/11/2015 November 4, 2015

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PD 1, Mrs M K Cassidy, Rosenez Little Rambler.  A 6 month baby but showing promise.  Good head in the making and a well held neck.  Still a little soft in the topline, but should   strengthen with age.  Rear angulation correct and moved well when settled. BPD

JD 1, Mrs S J Jones, Bimini Starstruck.  Strong boy with a good expression, dark eye and well shaped head.  Correct shoulders, long ribbing and  well angulated rear end.  Excellent coat. RBD

PGD. 1, Mr M Flowers & Ms L Soderberg,  Baltiskiy Talisman Indiana Jones.  Typical head, well held, correct angulation front and rear.  Moved out well.  Would have preferred a little more ribbing.

OD 1, Mrs P Grant, Barrantini Ted Astaire at Granhoward.  An elegant dog who moved with drive.  Very male head, reachy neck and a well held topline.  Correctly angled shoulders and good  sweep of keel. Short loin, well rounded backend.  BD. RBOB

2, Mrs S A Smith, Bingobongo Gregory.  Different type to 1 and a little unsettled.  Dark eye, nicely rounded ribs, a little long in the loin.  A little attention to his coat would be of benefit. PB 2 (1) 1,  Mr R G Smith & Mr M A Flowers, Bingobongos Short and Sweet. Very correct bitch, she caught my eye as she entered the ring.  Feminine head with a dark eye.  Front assembly correct, keel going right back leading to very well sprung ribbing.  Short loin and well rounded, powerful backend. Excellent coat.  BBP, BP, BPIS

2, Mrs C A Morris, Pennywave Uptown Girl.  Another lovely girl, but lost her topline on the move today.  Nicely balanced all round with a harsh jacket and correct   angulation.

JB 4 (2) 1, Mrs C Russel, Russteck So Fair A Dream.  No exaggerations anywhere, pleasing head, well held, excellent shoulders, tight elbows and well sprung ribbing.  Strong backend which allowed her to move round the ring with style.  RBB

2, Mrs C A  Morris, Pennywave Top Totti.  Another lovely bitch,same remarks apply, just not quite the movement of 1 today.

PGB 4,  1, Mrs C A Morris, Stargang Quintina At Pennywave. Well put together front assembly and   nicely arched neck.  All angles correct.  Excellent  prosternum.  Strong ribbing.  Steady topline.  Moved true coming and going

2, Mr K & Mrs L & Miss E Black, Bassodon Pixielated.  Different type to 1, darkest of eyes, Shoulders laid back, well sprung ribbing, well angled at rear, moved with drive.

OB 5 (3) 1, Mrs C Russel, Russteck I Dreamed A Dream JW.  Sister to my JB winner.  She took my eye as soon as she entered the ring, moving with great style.  Beautifully feminine head and expression, correct front assembly with tight elbows.  Well sprung ribbing leading to a short, strong loin.  Nicely angulated quarters allowing for a driving action around the ring. BOB           2, Mrs C A Morris, Banburg Black Opal at Stargang.  Would have liked a more defined head,  but good sweep of keel and long ribbing.  Strong in topline, correct rear angulation.

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